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Vera Sotnikova

First name, Last name: Vera Sotnikova

Country, City: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia


Samples of her messages: Stolen identity (pictures)

Scheme fraud: reaches out on adultfriendfinder as _lady_90 with all the verified checkmarks. Wants to find her man, etc asks for email as she wants to communicate more privately. Wants to visit in US, then asks for 1371 for a plane ticket, 250 for passport, 200 for visa, and 200 for covid test. Then, a week later, asks for 2K more because the government insists on making sure the traveler has enough money to not be left penniless. Appears as the same scam as Vera Lebedeva and Natalya Lyuta on here. Works in metro in Zaporizhzhia, communicates only through internet cafe that does not exist, will tell you she cannot purchase a phone or have internet due to costs that don't add up, and refuses to communicate in any form other than email. Photos are all over the internet.


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