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Liudmyla Olshanska

First name, Last name: Liudmyla Olshanska

Country, City: Ukraine, Kiev


Samples of her messages: I have very much got tired today. Already nearly an evening... I have left my city by the shuttle bus last night. In 7:15 a.m. morning I was to Kiev. According to the announcement in the newspaper, I rented 1 room, in two to the room apartment. One day rent will cost for me 30 dollars USA. Hostess the apartment very good woman. Her name is Nadia. Andy, after that I have visited the center the visa and the airport. In the center the visa I have written the application for execution the visa. It was pleasant to me that in the visa center friendly people work. I was helped absolutely with everything. I have given all necessary documents. Also I have taken pictures for execution the visa. In the center the visa I was told that I have to acquire 2 air tickets. Air tickets are necessary for execution the visa. The matter is that employees embassies have to be precisely sure exact dates my departure and return back in Ukraine. After I has visited the airport in Kiev, and has considered the prices air tickets. I needed to find cheap air tickets. The employee the airport has helped me at the choice. I have considered air tickets on 11 December. Cost one air ticket makes 398 USA dollars. Now I need to have 796 USA dollars that I could acquire air tickets. Andy, already I spoke to you, that your help will be necessary for me. Now I have no money to acquire air tickets. I have paid execution the visa and the health insurance in the center the visa. Also I have paid accommodation in the room. You will be able to help me to acquire air tickets? Already I said to you that I have to acquire air tickets in Ukraine. Just I have also visited bank. I needed to learn how I can receive from you money. The bank has explained to me that in the World there are many systems for money transfer. We can use Money Gram, RIA, World Remit, Western Union that you have transferred money in Ukraine, and I have acquired air tickets. Now I will tell you information which is necessary for you that you could give the help to me. street: Mykhaylivska Str 2 - 12 City: Kiev, Country: Ukraine(Kyivska), 1001 my name: Liudmyla surname: Olshanska. After you give me the help, the employee money transfers, will tell you control number (Reference# or MTCN). You will have to tell me this number, that I could receive your help. I hope that you understand me. When I am able to receive your help? Execution the visa difficult process, especially now with this pandemic, not to each girl can issue the visa to arrival in your country. Already my visa is in process registration. I am glad that I managed to begin process execution the visa. I hope that soon we with you will be together. I have very much got tired today. I will go to have a rest now. Kiev very big city. Please, don't leave me without your letters. I absolutely one here, and me am necessary your support every day. I have no photos now to send you. all my photos have stayed at home. I wait for your letter tomorrow. Yours, Liudmyla.

Scheme fraud: Wants to come to the US and meet face to face says that they have the visa stuff.


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