Tetyana/Tanya Tanechka

First name, Last name: Tetyana Tanya Tanechka

Country, City: Ukranie , Avdeevca

E-mail: lpotybca@gmail.com

Samples of her messages: Good day to you! What is your name?How are you? I am good and I hurry introduce myself to you)I am Tanechka and I glad that now I have contact with you. Lets start our communication and knowing each other if you don't mind. Friends always call me Tanya but in my passport I am Tetyana, it is the same name and you can call me as you like)I want you know I open and I honest with you, I here not for games and I am not scam. I don't know English at all and I use Google translator.I don't use any chat programs because I haven't smart phone, I have simple phone without any messenger.In any way I think we need know each other better by letters in email address and then I will learn some English and and I will give you my phone number, ok? if it isn't ok, then I am sorry. I don't want waste our times. I divorced and I have small daughter, her name is Nastya. She is my life and she is my angel that I love the most in my life. I hope you don't mind that I have child and you can be a good man for me and accept my daughter if we will have strong relationships between us. She is 4 years old and she goes to garden. I also live with my mother, she is pensioner and she helps me to care about Nastya. Now it is very hard time as whole world in quarantine because coronovirus but I try stay calm and strong and I hope only on better times after it. I forgot to tell you that I am 34 years old, I hope my age is ok for you. I live in small town Avdeevca in east of Ukraine. here is war zone but I think this war situation will end very soon. My father died few years ago and I haven't another relatives. I send you photos of me and Nastya, I hope you will like them My mother doesn't love make photos. I hope you liked read about me and you will reply me very soon and you will tell me about yourself. have a good day)Tanya


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