Ekaterina Parfenova

First name, Last name: Ekaterina Perfenova

Country, City: Russia, Inta

E-mail: tvoiaekaterina@outlook.com

Samples of her messages: Dear xxxx, I very strongly experienced, when I had to ask you the help. I was afraid, that you will give up to me. I for a long time did not dare to read the letters from you. I thought, that will leave to abuse me and will not help me. But you did not begin so to do. I am glad to that our meeting will soon take place. You act as the true gentleman. I promise you, that you when will not regret that have got acquainted with me. I will not bring you I promise. After I have received your letter I have gone to travel agency. On arrival to travel agency, then I have asked my agent how my love can help me. The tourist agent has told to me, that you could transfer money for the ticket into account travel agency, or I could open the account for the name and you could transfer on my own account. But transfer of money will occupy very for a long time time. The tourist agent has told, that transfer occupies some days. Money can arrive on the account after day of my start. Therefore tourist agent advised me to use remittances such as the Money Gram or Ria. If you will take advantage of services of the Money Gram, money will come during fifteen minutes. Michael, please let me know after you’ll send your money-help – ok? Tell me in your letter the all necessary information about money transfer, secret code, your full name,the place you send your funds. So I can go and receive it the same day you’ll send it to me.

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