Anna Zaytseva

First name, Last name: Anna Zaytseva

Country, City: Ukraine, Kiev


Telephone: +380934337721

Samples of her messages: I am glad to welcome you! Do you like riddles or charades? Let`s play. If you recognize me, write and give your answer. Some facts about me: 1. I like it everywhere - in a field, in a forest, in a meadow, on the shore of a reservoir. It is impossible to confuse it with another beast. Well, tell me, who else has such a gorgeous red coat and a long fluffy tail with a white spot on the end? 2. I am a great fashionista. I have two fur coats - winter and summer. Moreover, winter is much warmer: her fur is thicker and longer than that of summer. 3. To honor it should be attributed that I am very smart. My hearing is great. In winter, I carefully listen to various sounds. 4. I am an atypical predator. In summer, I am friends with frogs, small birds, and animals. And it’s a habit to run to the farm - beware! I will play with hens and males. 5. Have you heard the voice of a me? It’s her sonorous, she “yapping”. And if it comes to dating, then I scream so piercingly that it doesn’t seem enough. I can make about forty different sounds, do you want to check? Red-headed trick smart and agile, Foxy Anna

Scheme fraud: The real bandit is Anna Zaytseva from Kiev! This young Ukrainian woman is a real swindler, she is a member of a Ukrainian gang, which is known for extortion and deception of foreign men. Her task is to get your personal information, then she begins to communicate with you via personal mail and ask for money. But the worst thing is that other people start to write to your mail and phone, who introduce themselves as Anna's relatives or friends and ask for your help. In one month, I received several messages and calls from unknown people who asked me to meet them at the airport, transfer money to them, place them at my house until they find suitable housing. All these people were Alena Zaitseva's relatives. I had to change my phone number and email, because my data fell into the hands of the Ukrainian mafia. This scammer continues to look for new victims on Alena Zaitseva's dating sites on Dream Sing 6115348.


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