Aleksandra Kozlova

First name, Last name: Aleksandra Kozlova

Country, City: Russia, Moscow

Samples of her messages: Graham, I am glad to see your letter! Your letters warm my soul! Graham, how was your day? What is your weather like? I am very glad to read about your feelings for me! Once upon a time I could not believe that love exists. But then you appeared and the world turned upside down. Everything that was so valuable to me all these years has lost its meaning. You gave me a fairy tale. You opened a new life for me. You have become everything: day, night, my dream and reality, my past, present and future. I don’t see myself without you, I don’t feel, I don’t know ... I don’t exist without you. I waited for you. I've been waiting all my life. I knew that one day you ................ then on an on rambling about love.

Scheme fraud: Plenty of Fish contact asking for my email. Followed by a new picture admitting they are in Russia. I don’t think so. They answer your questions. Always using your name like it was a form email. They can’t afford a phone. They email once a day. Within a week they love you so much.This person just stopped talking and the emails were all about love.They were deleted from POF but tried to tell me they left. When I called them out on their scam they never wrote back. This person said they couldn’t get Facebook to work. I created an account for them with their email. This morning they set the Facebook account up for deletion. I took control of the profile and emailed and told them these pictures are going everywhere.


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