Radmila Rozhkova

First name, Last name: Radmila Rozhkova

Country, City: Ukraine, Kyiv

Samples of her messages: I need to do something and need money now. Tomorrow the mistress will kick me out.I need 800 U.S. dollars now and then at least 600 U.S. dollars a month because I already have a big debt. I've been without money for a month now and a lot to buy. I need to see a doctor and take tests. I don't even have ointments for my back and I owe an apartment.I'm here but I can't sort things out any more. I have a lot of problems and tomorrow I need to leave this apartment because there is no money. You need to do something. I'm already in debt. My nerves can't stand it. You do not understand. I have no money. I'm going crazy.

Scheme fraud: Mila moved from Mariupol' to Kyiv. She is always asking for money for rent, food, medicine and to return to Mariupol' for medical procedures. Over a 12 month period I transferred her many thousands of U.S. dollars. The one time I asked for extra time, she abused me, telling me 'you are dead " and how she was receiving money from other men, even sending me photographs of receipts, including one for US$500 from someone named "Sam." "Mila" is a professional scammer and con, she initially comes across an sincere and honest. Don't be fooled as she is a very good liar and cheat - particularly targeting elderly men on all social media sites - including Facebook, Instagram, Skype. When I looked further I found her profile on every imaginable Social Media site. I first met her on dating site "TAU2." She is a worse than a thief as she plays with men's emotions and should be put in prison. Date of Birth: 25 May 1977 Place of Residence: Kyiv or Mariupol'. Passport NO: FV179125


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