Ekaterina Sotnik

First name, Last name: Ekaterina Sotnik

Country, City: Ukraine, Odessa

E-mail: sotnikkata@gmail.com

Telephone: +380966287204

Scheme fraud: Ekaterina Sotnik from Odessa is a professional dating scammer who specializes in deceiving men. She registered her profile on a dating site to find a partner and create a family. In reality, Ekaterina Sotnik simply earns money from communication and gifts from men, and she is in a relationship with a Ukrainian man. Unfortunately, I learned this information when I had already spent 2500 dollars on communication and gifts for Ekaterina Sotnik. I have not been able to get my money back, but want to warn all men about this lady. ID of Ekaterina on the site DreamSingles is 5705821, also Ekaterina Sotnik has a profile on the primedating.com, her ID 910608. Avoid communicating with this woman, it will not give you anything only disappointment and spent your money.


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