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Elena Pozhidaeva

First name, Last name: Elena Pozhidaeva

Country, City: Russia, Lyantor


Samples of her messages: My beloved ... I am writing you a letter now, and my hands are trembling. Tears in my eyes I promised you to go to a volunteer office to learn more about this. I found out everything .. I wrote a statement, and maybe they can send me to your country. Do you understand ?? I know English. Your country currently has a very difficult situation with this virus. The president of my country sends medical planes to your country, and they told me that they can send me to your country. This is good news, isn't it ??? I really hope that you are sincerely happy with this news! I am very glad that you could understand me. Rick, I really really want to be near you, and not sit here without any tenderness. You see, I’m very tired of being alone and I just don’t have the strength to endure it! Thank you for helping and supporting. I am glad that you are serious about our meeting. I think that they will take me to work, probably I will have to go through an interview? What do you think I can do? I really hope that I myself can now find all the means and be with you without problems, start a new life, find a job and improve our relationship. I told you the good news, But there is some bad news. I need to collect a complete package of documents. I will need to get a visa. Get a medical examination. get a medical card with which I can volunteer and work in your country. They will also give me a work visa, and I can stay with you without any problems! I will also need to get an international passport. And Also, I need to pay for a plane ticket. I have to do it all myself. But then I can get a refund, and return all the money back. I need $ 1,100 now. Having this money, I can collect a full package of documents and pay for a plane ticket. Now I have a problem in finding this money. Where can I get them ?? I am very upset and depressed now .. I have already walked around all my friends. I don’t know where to get this money. Stop Stop shedding tears! I will be strong for you !!! I will find this money no matter what it is. I will do it with or without your help, but we will definitely meet with you !!! Your ElenaP.S. Want to see you!

Scheme fraud: The scam involved communication by email, then expressing live and dedication very early on. After she said that she was obtaining her tickets and visa, she began asking for $1100 to cover the visa and ticket (based on volunteering as a medical volunteer). When I refused, then she said she obtained a loan to cover the $1100 but after a couple of more weeks she said that the travel agency informed her that she also needed a return ticket costing $612. She began asking me to pay for that, and after I refused she tried to persuade me by expressing her love, by trying to make me feel guilt by not helping, by telling me that I would be lonely without her, etc... So in my last email I told her good bye and she sent back an email proclaiming her love, that I would not find someone who loves me the way she does etc...
-------------- She made me to believe that she loved me and was going to come to the US to be with me. She requested $1700 for all of her documents and round trip flight. At the last moment, she then said she had to have $2900 more. She said she was stranded in Moscow because she had abandoned everything to be with me and that she was without food or shelter.


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