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Tetiana Bystriievska

First name, Last name: Tetiana Bystriievska

Country, City: Ukraine, Rubizhnoe


Telephone: +380 947117517

Samples of her messages: Hello ***! How are you today? I hope everything is great :) It is Tanya (Tatyana is my official name) and as promised I am writing to you in private. I do not feel comfortable and safe to share my info on the dating site as you never know who is reading your messages. Moreover it is too difficult to trace who is serious and who is not. I prefer sharing my private info only in so-called "private atmosphere". I am aware of so-called scammers who pretend being loving and caring people at the beginning and then just steal info or bank details. Some people use fake photos and pretend being better than they are. To avoid all possible suspicions I am ready to show that I am real and the photos are mine :). It is not that difficult as I have nothing to hide. Sorry for this serious beginning though I think it was important to be clear from the very beginning Maybe you remember from my profile that I am Ukrainian. Have you been to my country before? I never had the pleasure to travel though I would love to see many countries and explore this world :) It is my first experience to find the man in another country. I had two serious relationship in the past but they were with Ukrainians. Due to the fact that male's values have changed here I decided to try to find a man from another country in the hope that he will be respectful, loyal, kind and supportive. I was betrayed by my ex and I do not want to experience disappointments one more time. I would love to create stable relationship with a decent man. I do not need a man with big money and I am not in search for a person who would provide me with luxurious life. The money is indeed important but it is not the value I want to build my relationship on. It is not my aim to sound too serious, but I am aware of the fact that the men are scared of being used by women, to be taken advantage of.. No worries, I do not need your money or something connected with material benefits. Hopefully the only thing that I will steal will be your heart (only if you allow me to do that) :) I am open and sincere, I am emotional and sensual. I do not know if I am adventurous but I am crazy enough to try to find the man from another world. What about you? What are your main features? What are your interests and hobbies? What kind of woman would "suit" you? I am, by the way, pretty funny and positive. I do not like to complain no matter what. Are you the same? One more thing I wanted to mention.. I got the requests on the site to send inappropriate videos and photos (nude). I do not know why the men are interested in such kind of photos from a certain person as the Internet is full of porno sites... I was brought up to respect myself and have dignity and I do believe that a woman in nice elegant clothes can look much better and sexier than a naked one :) I am also not a real fan to share my private info (phone number, address) at once as I want to get to know the person I am talking to first. I am cautious in my search but at the same time I am ready to open up for a decent and serious man. I suppose that the letter of mine is long enough If you are still interested, I would be grateful if you shared with me some information about yourself, about your hobbies and the things which are important to you. Have a pleasant day :) Tanya

Scheme fraud: This scammer appears in our blacklist as Vyergun Tatyana
Her current phone number is +380947114170
She is using another friend using the name Liudmyla Popova, Naouki Street 9/23 Severodonyetsk, Ukraine 93400
Lives in a town called Rubzihnoe (Lugansk) and says that it is a warzone with regular power cuts, no cell phone coverage and no internet. Somehow the translation company "she uses" has dial up internet. Father in the military, Ex boyfriend used to drink a lot. Works as an assistant at a mini market. At first she was messaging like normal and introducing herself. Seemed like a decent down to earth girl. Her letters were always sweet and nice however she omits replying to certain questions and when asked to find an alternative way to communicate she shuts down every option. I even told her that friends from Ukraine had informed me that EVERYONE has smartphones nowadays even old people in remote villages. She blames the conflict zone war and damage to the antennas (since 2014!) I tried to call her on the number she gave me but it never works. The translation company asks for funds to be transferred to a certain Liliia Pidpala via PaySend which seems very odd. I did feel pity once as her fridge broke down and sent her a decent amount in Euro to buy another one and sent her some funds every so often especially since the covid19 lock downs started. Between translation costs which the agency was charging $5 per page but somehow they always end up double and what I sent her I was scammed out of €1,350 +/- (yes, I am a typical gullible man) The photos seem generic and most of them are photo studio quality (for someone living with $400 per month) and the apartment in the background looks anything but a poor persons residence. I did get 4-5 short clips with her saying my name and some words in her language but even the smile in some of them looked very fake / set up. Some of the letters (emails) had different fonts which is a clear indication it was a simple copy/paste from other letters they send out to other victims. Later I found out this is the typical Pay-Per-Letter scam and the girl in the photos just gets a small commission from all the payments we make to the translation company. Never communicated via video chat or phone, only correspondence was done via email. The company that translates: Translation company "TRANSLATE TEAM" 93400 Ukraine Syevyerodonetsk, Vilesova street 1, office 38 93000, Rubyezhnoye, Kyrova str. 31, office 17 TELEPHONE +38 (089) 120 50 13 EMAIL: WEBSITE: _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Sir, Let us introduce our Translation company "TRANSLATE TEAM". We have been providing miss Tatyana ( with the translation services and translated your and her letters. Miss Tatyana has recently informed us that that due to some difficulties in her life she cannot fill her translation account and get your last letter translated. Sir, as soon as the balance of Miss Tatyana's translation account is positive, we will continue providing you and her with our services. Sir, if you are interested in learning more about our linguistic center or if you want to learn about the ways of our cooperation with clients, we will gladly answer all your questions and provide you with detailed information about our company. You can also visit our site where you will find all the information about our services. Our website is: - Russian version - English version Thank you for attention Respectfully, Translation company "TRANSLATE TEAM" Manager: Yaroslav Klymyenko _________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE +38 (089) 120 50 13 EMAIL:


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