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Svetlana Nesenyuk

First name, Last name: Svetlana Nesenyuk

Country, City: Ukraine, Lutugino, Lugansk region


Telephone: +380666057019

Samples of her messages: I am sorry to start my letter from this today, but still, we have a very big panic with coronovirus. People buy absolutely everything and because of this, prices go up very much. Dear, sorry, it’s very hard for me to ask you about this, but please, maybe you have the opportunity to help me at least pay for the products? I have absolutely no money, and now it’s very bad here. As far as I understand, our relations are taking a serious turn and I have no one else to ask for help from. I sincerely hope that I did not offend you with this. I really hope to hear from you soon, Your, Sveta

Scheme fraud: con artist, she wanted me to send her money because of the Coronavirus. prices have gone up so I should help her out if I wanted our communication to continue
This scammer appears in our blacklist as Svitlana Aksamitovska


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