Personal anti-scam guide in Ukraine

Meet your potential bride(s) in Ukraine with a professional assistant. He will help you to analyze her, verify her identity and find out if she’s honest with you.

Our representative will act as your personal interpreter in Ukraine and help you understand if your potential bride is scammer. It’s a premium dating personal trip to Ukraine.

Planning to come to Ukraine and meet a girl / girls / future wife? Not sure of her honesty or the honesty of the marriage agency that organizes your trip? In this case, our service of personal anti-scam guide in Ukraine is for you!

What’s the plan?

Our representative (your personal guide) speaks fluent English and can accompany you from the moment you arrive in Ukraine and throughout your stay. It gives you security and confidence. The most important thing is the constant analysis of your contacts for sincerity / fraud.

The guide will work undercover. People you meet in Ukraine will not know about his true mission. According to official legend, our representative will be the translator you allegedly hired. In addition to translating directly, the guide will evaluate your girls: gather information, compare facts… do whatever you can’t do because of a language and cultural barrier.

We have extensive experience in the field of love fraud in Ukraine. Since 2010, we have been successful in more than 400 cases. Thanks to our work, our clients have been able to save a lot of time, nerves and money. This gives us confidence that our representative (your personal anti-fraud guide) will be helpful in your trip to Ukraine.

In many cases, marriage agencies offer to arrange your trip to Ukraine: accommodation, food, transportation, translator, etc. Often, the cost of these agencies is too high. In addition, it happens that the agency also deals with fraud and works in a group with the girls themselves. We have had many such cases. For a foreigner who does not know the language, customs, prices, daily life in Ukraine, it is almost impossible to understand such combinations. Actually, for this purpose offer a service of personal anti-scam guide in Ukraine.

Premium dating personal trip to Ukraine

Why do we call it premium? Obviously not because of extra personal meetings with candidates or translation service at your best convenience. We call it premium because of of its efficiency. You know exactly who do you deal with and not waisting your time.

It’s up to you to decide whether your dating trip to Ukraine will be success or fiasco. You can date as a hunter or date as a fox (or date as a hunter being a fox). We offer to stay on a safe side and order service of our personal anti-fraud assistant in Ukraine.

We deal with Ukraine marriage scams and smell these ladies. Most people tend to cheat. With help of your personal anti-fraud assistant it’s possible to do a quick dating background check. You can ask questions and we can compare (find information) if she’s telling truth.

Best city in Ukraine to find a wife

You tell us where to go. You decide the route, city or cities to visit. No limits from our side. In addition, we’re happy to help with logistics. The city itself is not important. Some people ask is it safe to travel to Kiev or how safe is Kiev for tourists? With your personal anti-scam guide in Ukraine you are always in safe. He is local and will solve all potential problems.

The man lives only once. We wish you prudence. Do not let yourself be fooled by smart girls and marriage agencies. Stay safe and be happy!

Cost of the service

From 1800 USD. Please contact us, tell more about your case and get the final quote. Payment by credit card (secure online payment).