Identification of the man I have fallen for

We will help you to verify your man from online dating site in less than 24 hours, guaranteed results or get your money back. Which is hidden in darkness shall be brought to light.

Does he seem too good to be true? Does he seem perfect? Does he regularly call you his soulmate? Does he bolster you up with endless flattery? Does he talk about how much he wants to marry you, but how it’s best to wait until everyone is safe from the pandemic? But… have you ever seen him on video chat? Do you suspect his is from a different country than he claims to be? Do you suspect he might not work in the industry that he claims to? Have you found photos of him on the internet that make you suspect he is really a model or actor, or could be using the photos of someone that is a model or an actor? Will he not speak to you off of the website? Has he disappeared at random points, or has his personality seemed to suddenly shift, with him having no recollection of you? All of these are signs that you might be getting scammed.

We perform verification profiles of men from dating sites, validation of Ukrainian and Russian passports, identify a person from a photo and other services.

Our team has extensive experience in this field. Over 700 successful cases since 2010. We’ll find out if your man is legitimate or he is a scammer.

We can verify your date several ways.

Identify your man from dating site by picture

Using stolen pictures is the most popular scam on dating sites. It can be models, celebrities, actors etc. We have over 10 years of experience verifying photos from Instagram (not available in Google image search), online social media accounts and other online sources.

You meet a man online on dating site. You start to communicate, and become close to that person. Until you understand, something is wrong with him. She starts innocently asking for money. Something looks and feels strange, and you suspect this might be a scam (fraud, swindle). You don’t know much about him, but he sent you some pictures. According to the pictures which he sent, we can identify this man.

We search the Internet to check whether the pictures you’ve been receiving actually belong to your penpal. It may have been used in a past scam. In addition, these photos may belong to an actor, model, celebrity etc.

This service is available for men from all countries.

Cost $US 80. Results within 24 hours

Check Ukrainian passport

Verification of Ukrainian passport is a fast and inexpensive way to verify your Ukrainian men is really who he says he is.

We have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to provide this service.

In order to check Ukrainian passports, we use the governments database of internal passports (State registered). We verify whether the entries registered for the specific passport are authentic.

Cost 90 USD. Results within 24 hours

Check Russian passport

Your boyfriend from Russia sent you a copy of his passport but you’re not sure if it’s real? We’ll help you. Send us a copy of Russian passport you want to check, confirm the payment and get the result within 24 hours.

Cost 90 USD.

Deep check of your man from online dating site

This verification includes checking of all the information you have about this person: passport, address, pictures, phone number, email address. In addition, we’ll analyze his messages (email correspondence, messages) if he is honest with you.

With this service you can verify man from Ukraine and Russia.

Cost $195. Results within 24 hours

You can identify the man by his picture for $70, with an option to upgrade for $125 to a full profile if you want to know more than just his name or social media account.

Investigations we conduct are strictly confidential. The man will not suspect you hired someone to verify he is honest and real.

How to pay?
Payment methods available: credit card (secure online payment). You can pay by Visa, MasterCard and Maestro