Background check a refugee from Ukraine

We help people do background checks on refugees from Ukraine. It’s important to make sure you know something about the person, or family you want to host. If you are currently hosting a Ukrainian refugee, we can do a criminal backgound check on this person.

Ukraine has been attacked by Russia. Millions of refugees from Ukraine have had to leave their homes and go to neighboring countries.  Many are now being hosted in various countries from Poland to Portugal being invited into their homes providing temporary food and shelter.

Unfortunately, even in this situation there are those who deceive who they really are, and pretend to be who they are not, lying about their true identity.  Our mission at “Ukranian Passport” is to help you feel safe and confident about the people you want to help, and avoid those looking to take advantage of this difficult situation.

We check and verify Ukrainian refugees in several ways

  • verify Ukrainian passport, ID or driver license (90 USD)
  • verify an individual from Ukraine by phone number and address (90 USD)
  • identify a person by pictures (80 USD)
  • verify individuals on all social networks and any possible information from other open sources (120 USD)
  • full background check (includes all listed above) – 199 USD

Minimum we need for this background check is a picture. The rest we will find out. People like to share their personal lives on the Internet. And we know how to search.

Since we live and work in Ukraine, we know what really is going on. We have the necessary knowladge, experience and tools to verify people.

To place an order, please contact us by email and send us the info you have on the Refugees you are interested in obtaining a background report on. We’ll send you the secure payment details in return. You can pay by PayPal, credit card (secure portal), Western Union, Wise or wire transfer.                                             

We will deliver your report within 24 hours, once the payment is confirmed.