Woman photos in Instagram. What can it tell you?

what can tell you pictures of woman on instagram
Run, Forrest, Run!

We will talk about Instagram girls, you know those with sexy bodies, big lips and boobs.

From the beginning, men should carefully filter women with whom they want to have a relationship or communication. When you go to the store, you do not choose expired goods. Insta girls are those rotten eggs. Why? What is an Instagram addiction? What are the variations?

Candid photos

1. Candid photos. In general, Instagram addiction is due to the desire to get an emotional resource. That is, a woman exhibits photos, receives feedback, someone sympathizes with her, her friends envy her, men are interested in her. And a woman quickly captures such a moment for herself – the less clothes on her, the more likes. This pushes her to exhibit candid photos.

If you met a woman, opened her Instagram profile and see candid photos there, it is better to say goodbye to her immediately. Many men believe that a woman sells herself in this way. But this is most likely not the case. First of all, it is getting an emotional resource.

Luxury life

2. When a woman tries to create the appearance of a luxury life. The funniest thing is when you know her in life. You know very well how little she earns; her parents earn a little more… But if you go to her Instagram, it may seem that she is the daughter of an oil tycoon. This is due to the same. A woman very often starts copying Instagram escorts who actually sell themselves.


3. Women who will post gifts in their profile. Each flower, three balls… anything. Everyone should record the moment that she is in demand. Someone gave her something…

Most often, all three points are present: candid photos, attempts to show the beautiful life and gifts. Friends envy her, some guys are trying to meet her.

She won’t give up. You would be very naive to think that during the relationship with you, she will give up this addiction. It won’t happen. If a woman needs an emotional resource, she will continue, regardless of whether she has a husband, family, etc. Moreover, as a rule, such women have erased the limits of acceptable behavior with men. That is, they begin to get acquainted with her, she still responds, gives advances to someone, etc. This threatens to cause certain problems.

In general, it is an attempt to escape from reality. The woman creates her illusory fictional world, in which she has a small presence in the media, approval from the outside. In fact, she depends on someone else’s opinion. Sometimes it is absurd when a woman can go somewhere specifically with her friend just to take a photo there so that it can be posted. Sometimes it gets ridiculous when visibility is created by renting a car, as if it were her car.

When a woman starts to photoshop her photos very strongly. Sometimes even worse. When she seems to have a boyfriend and she even photoshops his pictures.

There is a nuance here. How does such a woman choose a man? For her, this is an accessory that you can also show off. In fact, her goal is not to build a relationship with you, but to make her envious. There are a few nuances. Such a woman can either brag about her boyfriend or vice versa – do not post photos with him at all. Why? Because she has nothing to brag about or it will discourage other potential candidates.

To put it bluntly, it already requires professional treatment by a psychologist or psychotherapist. This is indeed a disease that is now widespread.

We understand that the more beautiful and spectacular a woman is, the more prone she is to this story. It is very sad to watch situations when a man says that a woman has left him. You look at her photo on Instagram and it gets scary. He will not be able to limit her from this. Why? She will ask him what is wrong? I have a good figure; I can’t show it? Why are you so jealous? …

This disease can have different stages. In some it is pronounced with complications, in others not yet. Sometimes a man starts a relationship and a woman refuses, saying: I will not add candid photos. But as soon as they stop being a couple, she moves on.

Such women are not adapted and do not aim to enter into any relationship, especially serious. She has a completely different goal. Yes, she will convince that she wants a family, children, but in reality only one thing is important for her – the opinion of others. She is not interested in anything else in this life. She lives by it. If Instagram stops working, half of the fitness clubs will close the next day.

You need a woman who will live your life, who will depend only on our opinion, approval and attention. But here you will be accused: you don’t love me, I lack your attention, you force me to do it. Of course, this is not true. But many men are led to it.

These spoiled goods should not lie in your basket. Throw them out immediately.