Why girls pretend to be happy in the social networks?

Why girls pretend to be happy in the social networks?

Let’s talk about why girls pretend to be happy on social media.

Sometimes it may go ridiculously far. You may know this particular girl in real life, you see how frugal she tries to live. But if you go to her Instagram, there is a completely different image – luxury style of life. Expensive hotels, trips, resorts… You look and see a complete discrepancy.

It happens that a girl broke up with her boyfriend and is going through a separation. You go to her social networks, and there her activity only increases. Everywhere she smiles, she’s with her friends, went to a bar, a club, a restaurant…

There is competition between girls on Instagram: who is more in demand. Someone made her a present, gave her something. And no matter who was it: dad, mom, boyfriend, ex-boydriend… She went somewhere. It’s a must have to post online, everyone must to see it. Why do they do this? She wants more attention, to be envied by her friends, the desire to get attention from men. It enhances virtual objective significance. A person does not see the difference between her fantasies and what is happening in real life.

The fact is that for a woman there is no difference. She gets hormonal feedback, emotion. It doesn’t matter to her whether she is met on the street, in the subway, or on a dating site. Emotion is the same and she likes it.

As a result, there are a large number of women who photoshop photos. Sometimes so much that these are different people. Men ask: for what? The man will see you in a real meeting. But for her it doesn’t matter. She is so immersed in these processes that it makes no difference to her.

Why pretend to be happy in social networks?

The image of a happy woman. Why this imitation of happiness? Because a happy person, positive, cheerful creates the impression of a certain success. Everything is fine in my life. Everything is perfect for me! This is a concomitant factor of high objective significance.

What side effects can this have? The girl used to be active in social networks. A new boyfriend appears in her life. The photoshop work was so good she’s got a new boyfriend. Well done!  They meet as if all is well. But suddenly, the guy notices that someone is writing to her, she answers a stranger. He tells her not to do it. “We’re in relations”. – What’s the matter? – she says. Even if a man appears in her life, she still needs to receive these emotions.

Demand among men

A girl can do something in an environment where there are a lot of guys. For example, playing computer games. She is unique there. She becomes very popular. That’s what really excites her! She constantly wants to get that attention.

Someone who is interested in her can get acquainted with her on social networks. She may switch on other men. This is too much. What do we want in a relationship? You are for each other, she is for you. For whom does she apply make-up, for whom does she dress well, for whom does she want to be beautiful? – Of course for you! But suddenly you notice that this is not for you. The fact that she can be with you without makeup, and on Instagram with makeup and photoshopped. Others are more important to her than you. You will still eat it. From the page of the girl in social networks it is possible to draw many conclusions. If you see increased activity or specific photos with a subtext for a man to drooling over, you should not contact such a girl. If you want problems for yourself, go ahead! But it will end badly.