Why do Russian girls post photos with flowers on social networks? 7 reasons

Why do Russian girls post photos with flowers

We only took pictures on big occasions last 20 years or so. But now, in the era of social media, you can share your every step for the world to see. Some plots and locations are especially popular, for example, a photo with a bouquet of flowers. There are at least 7 reasons why a girl can do it.

Wants to show her off

A kindergarten kid behaves like this: “I have, but you don’t”.  But sometimes a girl grows up, but her habits die hard. Photos with huge bouquets of flowers on Instagram are taken to show that life is good (unlike the rest). Here, look, watch me. I’m appreciated, they love me, envy me!

However, this is a sin of women, whose life in reality is not very rich in interesting events. Fur coats, jewelry and flowers begin to be shown to others when there is nothing else to show.

It is especially funny if the flowers do not belong to the lady herself, but to a friend or colleague. As a result, photos of different people with the same bouquet appear on social networks.

She’s not very good in posing

The camera is now in every phone. But not nearly all girls have modeling skills. Many girls feel awkward in front of the lens. They don’t know how to stand up and where to put their hands.

The obvious solution is to take something. Of course, a jar of canned peas will not work as a prop. But hugging a soft toy, raising a glass of champagne or holding a bouquet of flowers are quite working versions. The only problem is that it’s a broken record.

She rarely gets flowers

Alas, many men are not as romantic as the beautiful half of humanity would like. In fact, most women are very pleased when they are given flowers, but men only do this on feast days only. Someone saves money in this way, while someone does not understand at all what the beauty of bunches is, so they do not buy them.

So it turns out that Russian women rarely see flowers and treat them like something extraordinary. And you want to take a souvenir photo with a rare thing.

She wants to act as a sensitive artist

Many romantic girls associate themselves with flowers. A photo with a bouquet sends the message: “I am beautiful and tender, like a flower.”

The main thing here is to follow the overall composition of the frame. And it happens that in the center of the photo there is a huge bunch of flowers, and on the side there is a bedside table littered with makeup and a spotted mirror. Or in the background, a vacuum cleaner looks out the door and the wallpaper sticks off. Unearthly beauty!

Trying to make you jealous

A girl may try to play on the feelings of a guy in this way. By posting a photo with a luxurious bouquet, you can show your ex: “Look and eat your heart out, I’m beautiful and successful!” Someone would tickle the nerves of the current fan. Someone thus tickles the nerves of the current fan. Like, keep him guessing, where I got the flowers from, and let him hold on tighter to such a sought-after young lady.

To be honest, such manipulations also evoke thoughts about kindergarten. But if a couple cannot live without quarrels and violent reconciliations, that’s their business.

Tries to show she’s not worse than others

Beloved gave Natasha a beautiful bouquet. She got all excited, took a picture with flowers and posted it online so a chain reaction began. Soon similar photos were posted by Sasha, Dasha and Olga. Why?  I want him to stay grounded. We’re all fine, too!

Even if one of their boyfriends is not very romantic (or there’s no boyfriend), this is not a hindrance. We know what to do. You can always “rent” someone else’s bouquet or buy flowers yourself.

She likes flowers

The last reason is spectacularly prosaic. Yes, a girl can just love flowers very much and be photographed with bouquets, without a second thought, as if they were works of art. Why do you take pictures on vacation against the backdrop of palm trees or the Eiffel Tower?

The reasons why a girl has her photo taken with flowers can be different. But, in the end, social networks were created in order to share moments of your life with friends. And if the bouquet and its owner are beautiful, why not show this shot?

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