Where to go in Russia

Where to go in Russia

Russia – this is the greatest country in the world. She is in demand for many tourists who want to enjoy its historical monuments. It also attracted by the fact that it is possible to look at a combination of old and new, as well as the unusual people. Since the cities in this part of the world very much, tourists are given the same question, where to go in Russia?

Get the answer to this question is very difficult, because everything will depend on what you prefer. Now we talk a little bit about the recommended areas and cities that must visit each person. Accordingly, we give tips on getting around in this country.

Almost all the people who are going to Russia, it comes to mind is the capital Moscow. But, we want to assure you that this is not the best option and it is not the first city that should be on your list. The most beautiful and unusual city for the traveler – this is Peter.

St. Petersburg, the full name of the city, this is an unusual place, because getting there, you will want to return again. Most interesting is that in this city every street smells history, and how much ever you walked here, each time you open something new.

If, for example, in the capital, you will be interested only in the central part of the city, then Peter is gorgeous in every corner. It should be noted that this city is one of the twenty most visited cities in the world; the city government is supporting tourism and creating special conditions for this.

Since foreigners are concerned about the arrival and housing, it must be said that in St. Petersburg working railway stations, ports and airports. As for the hotel, they are here, there are two hundred and sixty, which are designed for a large number of people.

We would like to add that St. Petersburg is called the cultural capital of Russia, and no wonder, since there are eight thousand four hundred sixty-four thousands of monuments of architecture. It is also a very large number of museums, historical monuments, there are many different exhibitions and galleries held each year.

We cannot say about the architecture. There’s every building has a unique facades and resembles a fairy tale, because they are built in different styles, but all are united in an ensemble.

The weather is cloudier than in other cities of Russia, is a bit like the London weather, but not depressing.

So if you are thinking, where to go in Russia, choose Peter, we think that the drawbridges, the Winter Palace of Peter I and other historic sites will impress even the biggest skeptic.

But Peter is not only delights the tourists, and we know that you will visit Moscow in any case. Then you should definitely visit the Tretyakov Gallery, where there are paintings by famous artists, and Gorky Park.

We promised to talk about security and give tips, where to go in Russia, and what better place not to visit alone. Now we will try to deal with this issue.

To begin with, we will talk about crime statistics, by the example of the two cities, St. Petersburg and Moscow, as we have identified them as the best cities to visit, from the architectural and cultural point of view.

Let’s start with Peter, I must say that crime there is present, the main problem – its robbery. On this foreigner is better not to walk alone in the city, and take advantage of an assistant and shuttle bus or rental car.

Moscow – the same as in the previous version, there are a lot of thefts and murders, so you should also take into account the advice that we have given in the example of Peter.

Finally we want to add that no matter what country you visited, it is desirable to adhere to the basic rules of safety, but also to make acquaintance with questionable individuals. And then any journey will bring only positive emotions.

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