Where and at what price can an Ukrainian biometric passport be issued?

price of Ukrainian passport

What is the price of Ukrainian Passport

The cost of Ukrainian biometric passport is from UAH 856 ($US 21 and ready in 20 working days) to UAH 1496 (37 USD and ready in 7 working days). Nowadays in Ukraine there are 30 official places where biometric data are collected.

On January 12 the State Migration Service (SMS) began receiving documents for issuance of biometric documents for traveling abroad.

For now the documents for the Ukrainian biometric passports are taken in a very limited extent – throughout Ukraine only 30 official places in the State Migration Service departments are open for collection of biometric data.

In February 2015,  necessary equipment for 600 working places will be delivered to Ukraine (fingerprint scanners, digitizing signatures, etc.) Then, as the State Migration Service hope, excitement will be released.

Update of January 15. There are a large number of people wanting to obtain the Ukrainian biometric passport. For example, to submit the documents in Lviv on Rudanskoho St. 3, every day people make lists in which they register themselves since the evening of the previous day and wait at the office all the night. On January 15 up to 13:00 less then 30 people had been submitting the documents for the biometric passport.

Where are the documents for issuance of the Ukrainian biometric passports for traveling abroad submitted?

Documents receiving centers are located in the regional offices of the State Migration Service of Ukraine:

Regional body




Beresniakivska St. 4a, Kyiv


Lviv region

Rudanskoho St. 3, Lviv


Odesa region

Preobrazhenska St. 44, Odesa


Dnipropetrovs’k region

Pol St. 1, Dnipropetrovsk


Donets’k region

Mytropolytska St. 20,  Mariupol


Kharkiv region

Rymarska St. 24, Kharkiv


Ivano-Frankivs’k region

Akademika Hnatiuka St. 29, Ivano-Frankivsk


Vinnytsya region

Teatralna St. 10, Pyrohova St. 4,Vinnytsia


Volyn region

Vynnychenka St. 11, Lutsk


Zhytomyr region

Pushkinska St. 44, Zhytomyr


Zakarpattya region

Hryboiedova St. 12a, Uzhhorod


Zaporizhzhya region

40 years of Soviet Ukraine St. 90, Zaporizhzhia


Kirovograd region

Yehorova St. 25, Kirovograd


Kyiv region

Petropavlivska St. 11, Kyiv


Luhans’k region

Partyzanska St. 12, Sievierodonetsk


Mykolayiv region

Decabrustiv St. 5a, Mykolayiv


Poltava region

Shkilnyi Lane 4, Pushkina St. 63, Poltava


Rivne region

16th July St. 6, Pivne


Sumy region

Kirova St. 27, Herasyma Kondratieva St. 27, Sumy


Ternopil region

Shevchenko boulevard 10, Ternopil


Kherson region

Perekopska St. 168, Kherson


Khmelnytsky region

Hrushevskoho St. 95, Shcherbakova St. 4, Khmelnytsky


Cherkasy region

Pasterivska St. 104, Cherkasy


Chernivtsi region

Sheptytskoho St. 25, Chernivtsi


Chernihiv region

Shevchenka St. 51a, Chernihiv


What is the cost of issuance of the Ukrainian biometric passport?

Update of April 9. The cost of producing the blank form increased in 16%, the cost of the services of Document SE increased by UAH 100.
The Ukrainian biometric passport will cost UAH 561 ($US 25) (blank form – UAH 304, state tax – UAH 170, services – UAH 87). Issuance of the passport through standard procedure takes 20 days. Accelerated procedure – 7 days – the passport is prepared at the rate of double tax and registration services, by the same cost of the blank form and amounts UAH 818.
If a person has no time to prepare the documents for the passport, he or she can apply to one of the 18 branches of Document State Enterprise. A fixed price for their services is set and it does not exceed UAH 353. Thus, the maximum price for the new biometric passport is 818 + 353 = 1171 UAH.

The cost of the biometric passport Issuance in 20 days Issuance in 7 days
For adults UAH 561 UAH 818
For adults including the services of Document SE UAH 916 UAH 1171
Children’s (under 16 years) UAH 391 UAH 648

The cost of Ukrainian passport increases from July 01, 2019

What documents are required for issuance of the Ukrainian biometric passport?

To obtain the Ukrainian biometric passport the following documents are provided:

  • the passport of the citizen of Ukraine (+2 copies)
  • the identification number (+2 copies)
  • the old international passport (if any)
  • money to pay for services
  • The birth certificate
  • The application form of one of the parents
  • Two color photos of 3.5 x 4.5 cm;
  • One color photo of 10 x 15 cm
  • The death certificate of the other parent;
  • The court’s decision on deprivation of parental rights of the other parent;
  • The court’s decision on declaration of absence of the other parent;
  • The court’s decision on recognition of incapacity of the other parent;
  • The document on registration of the child’s residence with one of the parents who submits the application form;
  • The extract from the State Birth Register indicating data on the father pursuant to p. 1, Art. 135 of the Family Code of Ukraine (according to the mother).

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For the persons under 16 years:

For the persons under 12, in addition:

If a child lives with one of the parents, one of the following documents is submitted additionally:

Detailed information and answers to the questions about the biometric passports you can see in the publication Biometric passports of Ukraine. Only the facts.

The implementation of constant, protected and non-discriminatory procedure of issuing the biometric passports is a requirement of the EU concerning visa abolition for Ukrainians.

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