What to wear on speed dating?

Tips on speed dating

A date for every girl is something mysterious. Every female person, going on a date, planning what to wear for a long time. In most cases, they go to meetings after some time of chatting with someone, or it may be an employee who for a long time watched after you. Of course, in this case it is a little easier, since you have seen a person alive or talked with him for some time in the network.

But, as now speed dates are practiced, and the people with whom you will communicate are unknown to you, it is very often the girls are asking themselves what to wear on speed dating?

They are nervous not in vain, because the first impression about a person based on his clothing. Everyone who attend such a meeting, know that they are given only one chance and little time to make an impression on the man, and they will not have the second chance.

That is why, as it is the most asked question, below we will give advice what to wear on speed dating?

  1. Dress. Many men value in girls femininity. They want to see in front of them an intelligent girl who knows how to dress. Wearing a dress, you will emphasize your dignity, and can be a natural.
  2. The neckline. Note on the neckline that you dress. The whole evening will until the end of the, you will show only the upper part of the body, where will be a badge with your name hooked. Of course, open neckline, will depend on your dating goals. But believe me, too vulgar outfit will not tell anything good about you.
  3. Comfortable clothing. In choosing clothes what to wear on speed dating a lot depends on the convenience. You should wear comfortable clothes in which you feel comfortable. After all, if you have never worn dresses, you will think how you look like in it the whole evening, whether you have put it in vain. Your thoughts will be directed in a different direction, and the interlocutor will see immediately that something is wrong with you, and he will unlikely like you, as he may think that you are insincere.
  4. Heel. Of course, if you put on a dress, you need to wear shoes with a heel. It will accentuate your shape and give womanhood. But remember, it is better to choose a shoe in which you will be able to sit, walk confidently and stand in the buffet.

Tips on speed dating

Selection of clothes for a date is always difficult, but as for speed dating, you’d better get dressed in the clothes in which you will look naturally and feel comfortable.

Next we will look at the rules of the conduct of speed dating and what to focus on, in order you fully prepared for this kind of dating.

Always visiting places of any kind, you need to pre-acquaint with its rules, the public and the dress code. We all know how it is important to behave appropriately and in accordance with the level of people who are in an institution.

Your behavior, speech, clothing and make-up will create an opinion about you, as well as these features can create a psychological portrait of a man.

Above we have talked about clothing and what better to put on a speed date, but it is necessary to take into account other aspects, because we now give other tips on speed dating.

  1. It is not better to go on the date with a bad mood and hope that you are one hundred percent will meet your prince today. The main rule is to cast away all thoughts and enjoy socializing with new people.
  2. If you are not self-confident, visit the speed date with your friend. The presence of a familiar person in the room will betray you confidence. And afterwards, you can discuss with her the evening of acquaintances, as well as the men who attended the meeting. The only problem that may arise, is that you can like the same guy. But if you are real friends, then you can solve the problem without any difficulty. So you can just check your friend.
  3. Be friendly, it is not necessary to show dissatisfied grimace as the man just sat down next to you. Smile at him, and maybe suddenly you will like him during the intercourse. Men can also nervous, as well as women. It is so because, they have the heavier role in these meetings. Show yourself from a good side and tune in to a pleasant chat.
  4. It is not necessary to interrogate the man, many questions can scare him, you just seem too intrusive. Ask every man how things go have to be wrong. It is better to ask different questions. In general, the communication should not be like an interrogation. Communicate simply maintaining a conversation. And remember, if it is your destiny, then you have a few minutes to understand it, and if you ask annoying questions, the partner will never let you choose.

We gave you sensible tips on speed dating, so you, visiting speed dates for the first time, know what to talk about with your partner, as well as what to wear.

Girls, remember that men value in women, not only beauty, but also their naturalness. If you behave properly, you will surely meet your destiny.

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