What do Ukrainian women want

what ukrainian women want

A sociological survey among Ukrainian women registered on dating sites showed that more than 50% of women are looking for a strong and confident man.

Presenting a portrait of a future acquaintance, Ukrainian women indicate that they would like to communicate with Europeans. However, in most cases, men living in eastern countries, mainly Turks and Arabs are eager to talk to them. Ukrainian women say that potential suitors admire the looks and intelligence of Ukrainian girls.

At the same time, according to the brides’ testimony, acquaintance with an oriental man almost never ends with a wedding, although ladies quite often go to visit abroad during their virtual acquaintance, but return disappointed.

However, a meeting in real life with a European does not always end with marriage. However, a meeting in real life with European men does not always end with marriage. Users of dating sites, as statistics show, only in 8% of cases marry foreigners, while there is no data on how happy their family life is.