What dating sites are safe?

safe dating sites

Dating sites without fraud

What dating sites can you recommend? Is there a safe place without romance scammers? This is a very popular question. It is asked by clients we helped to find out that their potential girlfriend from Ukraine or Russia is a fraud. After that, they ask: advice a good quality dating site, where I could find a girlfriend for life, wife, etc.

Why dating sites do not check girls

The truth is that such safe dating sites do not exist a priori. Why they cannot exist?

If we read private policy of dating sites, the Security section would say something like “the girls on our dating site are checked on the registration stage. We check their ID, so their name is 100% correct”. Most likely, this will be the maximum that dating sites can offer you.

100% safe dating sites do not exist

Our company has been detecting scammers on dating sites for over 10 years. In practice, there is the following:

  • dating sites do not check girls’ profiles at all. For them, this is a showcase where they show their stuff and the more choices available, the better for business;
  • dating sites produce fraud (create scammers using fake identity, cooperate with them, use different fake mediators like translation agencies and travel agencies)
  • dating sites check girls at an early stage and do it completely ineffectively (unprofessionally) – easily swallow fake Ukrainian and Russian passports.

These are the realities of life and safe online dating. Therefore, you should be extremely careful and not rely on what the dating site has written in its privacy policy.

Enlightening story from our experience. Our client asked us to verify a girl. Her profile was on a dating site that positioned itself as a very safe club where a man can find a life partner. Registration only by invitation from other club members. When we verified that girl it turned out her personal information (surname, background, place of residence etc.) is completely different. The man spent thousands of dollars on the services of a dating site. So when he contacted them saying what’s going on, the dating site sent him a snide response – thanks for letting us know. We will warn our security department and double check her. And that’s it!!! No apologies. Not to mention the compensation for wasted time and money.

You need to be aware of the following. Even if the dating site checked her 100%, checked her under a microscope, she wrote a receipt: mom, I swear to be a good girl… even that means nothing. Why? Because a person has free will. Today she thinks / says one thing, tomorrow another, the day after tomorrow a third. She can change her mind. It is impossible to control the will of a man, much less the will of a woman.

Always verify girls from dating sites

So what safe dating sites do we recommend? – None.

We recommend that you always check the girls you communicate with on dating sites. The number of frauds is VERY high.

Most of the girls from dating sites have no intention of meeting you in person, becoming your wife/lower, cook you a dinner, have kids with you etc. These are people who cheat to make money.

Unfortunately, most men need to go through their bitter experience, to burn to make sure that safe dating sites do not exist and that girls on dating sites need to be checked.

The choice is yours.

If you want us to verify the girls from dating sites, to be safe, save your time and money, we will help you. Our team has extensive experience in this field.

You will know if it’s her real name, pictures, address, phone number, address, if she’s really a doctor, teacher… Identify your girl, so you can be sure who you are really talking to. Contact us now to find out the truth.