What data is entered inside Ukrainian biometric documents?

What data is entered inside Ukrainian biometric documents

Technical descriptions and procedures for registration and issuance of passports provided for in this Law are approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Law of Ukraine “On the Unified State Demographic Register and Documents Proving Citizenship of Ukraine, Identity or Special Status” provides for an exhaustive list of information to be included in biometric documents.

The following information is entered in the passport of a citizen of Ukraine/ Ukrainian identity card (Article 21 of the Law):

  • name of the state;
  • name of the document;
  • holder’s name;
  • sex;
  • citizenship;
  • date of birth;
  • unique entry number in the Register;
  • document number;
  • expiry date;
  • date of issue;
  • authority that issued this document;
  • place of birth;
  • digitized image of a holder’s face.
  • digitized signature of the person.

In addition, the passport of a citizen of Ukraine at the written request of the applicant, and for persons under the age of sixteen – their parents (adoptive parents), guardians, trustees or other representatives may be included additional variable information provided by law.