What are Ukrainian women like

what are ukrainian woman like

Excess of brides and shortage of decent men. Why the pressure on women in Ukraine is becoming unbearable. In this article you can read about the problems of modern Ukrainian women and what is happening in the modern world with Ukrainian women.

The first thing that catches your eye is the strong. The second is freedom-loving. Their favorite phrase is “I’ll do it myself.” This can be explained by the fact that wars, revolutions, repressions, Holodomor took place on the territory of Ukraine, taking away millions of brave and strong men. The woman was forced to become the breadwinner of the family and raise children herself. This information has been entrenched in several generations of the people.

First, Ukrainian women have money problems. They do not have any income, being practically in financial slavery. If you take the average woman, she earns very little per month.

Second, simple math. There are many women, few men, and even fewer suitable men. The demographic gap was formed as a result of wars – after the losses in the First World War, there are more girls left in the civil war, because they are more tenacious. Then vodka, drugs, risk and other factors do their job. As a result, there are even fewer men.

Thirdly, and this is the most important thing, there is a socio-cultural phenomenon – “care pressure”: pressure from friends and family, so that women build relationships as quickly as possible. This is the Ukrainian tradition. Mom asks, aunt asks: “Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? ” It is very fond of asking women who have it written on their face that they do not have and most likely will not have a man. The pressure on women becomes unbearable. The mother begins to insist that her daughter get married quickly. After all, the period of high attractiveness – “window of opportunity” – ends very quickly for women, as well as for men. All over the world, except for Ukraine. Here it can be endless.

Men from the outside can judge the quality of Ukrainian girls. They come and take apart Ukrainian women with pleasure – either for the night or for the rest of their lives.

Although it is the prestige of the Ukrainian women in the world a little bit down. First, they show on TV how another batch of Ukrainian prostitutes was caught somewhere in Istanbul. Secondly, at first, the Ukrainian women are affectionate, gentle, and then begins: “Mom will move to us soon,” they begin to command, for example: “Take off that stupid shirt, I can’t stand it.” An Englishwoman will never say that, she cannot say that, because a man is an adult, he himself knows what kind of shirt he wants to wear. The Spaniards often say about our women “mi sargento“, that is, “my sergeant.”

The desire to get engaged to Ukrainian women also falls because many have turned out to be very “material”. For example, a girl is 180 cm tall, with a fifth breast size, and says: “How I love you, dear!” I answer: “Fine, let’s conclude an agreement under which you will not get your 50% in case of divorce.” So you know what they’re up to? They disappear immediately! I saw absolutely loving eyes – until the moment of my refusal to buy something they wanted to have.

Lee Kuan Yew, one of the creators of the Singaporean “economic miracle”, having arrived in Ukraine, he said one thing: learn English, this is the basis of all changes. Ukrainian women need to learn English first of all so that they do not feel inferior when communicating with foreigners.

50 million brides are missing in China, and beautiful women are missing in Europe. Compared to so many beauties, foreign women are losing. But the readiness of Ukrainian women is deceiving, because it starts with D + 1, that is, from the second day of acquaintance.

Now women have accepted the conditions of the game in Ukraine and absorb each other within the system instead of leaving and showing themselves where they are needed.