Visa and Tickets Scammer

Typical Scammer

Travel – it is an integral part of many of today’s citizens. Send people to other countries for many reasons. Someone is going abroad to work, but someone just relax. But wherever we went and for what reasons, we need a visa and ticket.

Each country makes its own requirements for the design, because often people are looking for easy ways to obtain it. Some embassy denied a visa, even without justifying the refusal.

As people turn to the strange travel agencies, there was Visa and Tickets Scammer. This method works very simply. You go to the office, which is little known, but they are “guaranteed” to obtain any visa. Handing them all the necessary documents and paying a considerable sum, you start waiting.

It so happens that the company informs you that a visa is denied, and the money, as they have informed about it in advance, do not have to return. Such cases are true and bona fide travel agents, but you should check this point. Make it pretty simple note on the passport.

If your passport is really a procedure took place and was at the consulate, it must be stamped. It indicates the name of the Consulate and the date of consideration of documents. In cases where such data are not available, then most likely, you have been deceived.

To get the money back, you can go to court and write a statement on the organization. There is a law on the protection of human rights, as well as about tour operators. Because if you do not return the money in full, then partly accurate. Also, such a company will be able to close and other people do not get on Visa and Tickets Scammer.

Another tool in this area divorce is a so-called network consultant. Such scams are so many on the Internet, they are just waiting until you contact them. They work very simply, when you write to them, as they rarely leave their room, they say, you need to list them on the map or purse required amount for registration.

When they got the money, of course, you do not see or hear more, as their main goal to get money from you.

Based on the above, you can add contact only proven agency to declare themselves and advertise. Also, do not refer to unknown people for help.

In general, today there are a lot of scams, but most of them on the Internet. And not to get into any “divorce” to know how to operate in a network fraudsters.

Typical Scammer

Since any scam aims to get the money, the fraudsters invent different ways, and this applies to all.

On the internet the easiest person to fool, as all masquerades as reality. But the most common way fraud occurs on the dating sites.

With the advent into our lives of the virtual world, people became more and more to use the network for dating, but the attackers decided to earn some money.

How does a Typical Scammer? Very simple. Sometimes the attacker operates independently, but there are cases when an entire organization.

It creates a profile on a dating site, where most foreigners, as these schemes divorce mainly engaged in Russian. The questionnaire indicated all information and pictures are exhibited, purchased or downloaded from the Internet.

If the organization works, the hired girl who for the money are willing to communicate with foreigners, the main thing that they do not need to know the language well, as they use an interpreter.

Girls write all in a row, their goal is to someone replied. If this Typical Scammer, it will begin to rapidly develop events until that next week will tell you how much he loves you.

Also, they will never ask for your name and not send photos with relatives, since it is only their work. The more she talks, the more it gets.

Often told tearful stories about sick relatives, about the hard life and the unpaid loan. All this is aimed at to lure you more money by self-pity.

Often they offer will call in skype, so you have seen their sincerity. But even phoned you, she will not answer all the questions and justify this by saying that bad you understand because of the language.

On your request to come, more often she refuses, as to say that it is unsafe in the country for foreigners. Her proposal to come on their own will please you, but rejoice too early, as all visa costs and tickets, you’ll have to send it.

The main thing that we can advise every citizen, it does not take place on this kind of provocation and less start dating on the web.

Decent women are looking for a very rare chosen in this way, so if you aim for a foreigner wife, it is better to visit the country, a girl, who are you most interested in.

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