Virginity market in Ukraine: prices, customers and legality

Virginity for sale, not expensive. Is the business where Ukrainian woman earn money legal?

Virginity for sale, not expensive. Is the business where Ukrainian woman earn money legal?

Indecent Proposal”, the Hollywood movie where a millionaire offers lots of money to someone else’s wife for spending night with him made some girls think about selling their virginity. 

The ritual of losing virginity really exists in the cultures of different countries (for example, the Mizuage in Japan). But this option is actively used in the 21st century.

Kateryna Kryuchkova, a Kharkiv woman, sold her virginity at auction in January. The news of this event was not only broadcast on the Ukrainian media, but also appeared in the world’s largest tabloids.

Following Kateryna, the announcement was made by another Ukrainian woman, a blue-eyed blonde Polisha, as she calls herself.

Is this business legal, why do Ukrainian girls do it, and what amounts of money do they raise?

How virginity online bidding works

Our girls sell virginity through overseas auctions. For example, on the German site Cinderella Escorts we find profiles of Nadiya and Mila from France, Roberta from the UK, Adele from Romania and Anna from Russia.

The site does not specialize in innocent girls only. It gained true fame through sex agreements with celebrities.

The service receives 20% commission and further maintains transactions. The starting price of such a “product” is 50 thousand euros. According to our calculations, for the money of one, even a bad sale, the owner of the service can live in Germany no worse than his average compatriot for a whole six months.

Virginity market in Ukraine

The procedure is as follows: to prove the seriousness of intentions, the client sends a security deposit of 10% of the amount. If another client offers a higher bid, he or she may invest that money in another lot or receive it back within a week.

If he wins, the meeting must take place no later than one month after payment at any hotel chosen by the client. The cost of accommodation and travel is paid by the buyer. Club members can meet with a girl in a cafe before buying.

The deal on innocence alone does not end. Most girls indicate that they are looking not only for their first men, but also for a sponsor without intimacy (when paid for 10,000 euros per month) or even for a husband.

Virginity market in Ukraine

It turns out that the 19-year-old Kharkiv woman, having sold innocence to a 58-year-old Munich businessman for 1.2 million EUR, has become one of the highest paid escorts. Her “jackpot” is gigantic. For this money, you can buy three dozen brand new 1-2-room apartments in the capital and be a rentier for the rest of your life, or even just put your finances on deposit, receiving a 4 million UAH bonuse a year.

Virginity market in Ukraine

Successful deals for higher sums can be counted on your fingers. The highest amount was registered at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Natalie Dylan raised $ 3.7 million in 2008. Today, including inflation, this is about 4.5 million.

A model named Giselle received 2.5 million euros. In the hands of Romanian model Alexandra Kefren found almost 2.3 million euros from a Hong Kong businessman. But the deal broke down as soon as it became clear that the girl had a boyfriend.

Probably, soon such amounts will be unavailable for “sales”. At first glance, the average age of innocence is steadily declining, and the “product” must seem unique. But there are more and more offers, and there is not enough demand to meet them.

Ukrainian girl Polisha posted her ad on the same site with a minimum starting price in late January. But so far, despite the quality photos, the sale has not taken place. We tried to contact the agency’s owner about her lot and other Ukrainian auctions, but he did not disclose this information.

Virginity market in Ukraine

Former Soviet countries are also in business

In addition to European resources, there is a Russian site that serves post-Soviet countries, as well as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Sellers age 18 to 31 years. The amounts that the girls expect are from $ 4,000 and up to a million. However, even the minimum amount on this site is ten times higher than the price tag for virginity in Mexico.

Virginity market in Ukraine

The Russian site is literally teeming with Ukrainians who want to get a decent amount of money quickly. As of February 24, we find 54 vacancies of innocent Ukrainian women. From the capital (Kiev) – 35 girls, six – from Kharkiv, four – from Odessa, three – from Zaporozhye and Lviv, two – from Nikolaev and one – from Vinnitsa. Some say they are ready to travel all over Europe, while others say they can only meet in Ukraine.

If you register, you can also see photos of girls uncensored. They, like photocopies of the participants’ documents, are being verified. Theoretically, you can’t just put someone else’s photos. However, 90% of Ukrainian ads have “documents and photos not verified”..

Buyers also leave their offers, not only men but also women. For example, a 36-year-old Los Angeles female resident wants to build a romantic relationship with a virgin girl while still providing her with money. There are also messages from those who can not pay, but “will try to surprise”. But the vast majority do not want to stop at a meeting alone.

Virginity market in Ukraine

Interestingly, the existence of such a site has overlooked most of the media. This may indicate that the site is fraudulent. There is no evidence that the contracts were actually going through it.

In online forums, similar ads are also found, but in a veiled form – on dating sites and social networks. But neither on Facebook nor in VKontakte do we find thematic communities about virginity buying. Most likely, they are blocked by site administrations.

Tinder is also not too interested in such deals. Our fake ad of a 23-year-old Elena was responded very actively. But once we started to talk about money it didn’t go further. Moreover, a couple of days after registration, the profile was blocked due to user complaints.

Get into the heads of “sellers” and “buyers”

The topic of selling innocence is very ambiguous, as it is officially condemned in society and unofficially traditional in certain circumstances (when a woman is offered to “save herself” for marriage to a rich man who will provide her and thus actually buy her).

The advertisements must indicate the reason of such agreement in English. Many make mistakes. For example, Russian girl Anna calls Europe a country.

Someone wants to help sick parents and pay for an apartment. The Azerbaijani model, for example, sold her virginity to a Japanese politician to buy a home for her mother and open a dog shelter. But most often, the girl who sells innocence is a student who lacks the money for a good life. She wants trips to America and Asia, an overseas education, a home and her own beauty salon.

“I want to sell my virtue because I feel like a bird in a cage. I want to feel free and get all the happiness of life. For this money, I would like to finish my studies abroad and buy my dream house by the sea,” says Ukrainian girl Polisha.

“My mom did everything for me, and now it’s her turn to be proud of me. I believe that my first husband will be a smart and decent person and will understand me,” Anna writes.

All these girls consider virginity to be an absolute remnant of the past and are absolutely not concerned about it. Psychologists also explain the phenomenon of “internal mental disorder.” It’s about rationalizing everything that surrounds girls and trying to succeed no matter what.

Many girls justify the “sale” of virginity by the fact that the first guy will definetely not be the last and most likely will break her heart. Probably some of the girls are driven by fear of being abandoned. They are afraid of losing control of their lives. Such experiences are quite common. Feminists, for example, often lose their virginity by themselves – if only it were not for a man.

However, for some, the act is still psychologically difficult, and they make concessions. One of the girls demanded that the deal take place as soon as possible, but eventually refused at the last moment, making excuses that she wanted to draw attention to the problem. And the Russian heroine said that her girlfriend posted the announcement. The truth or the excuses – we will never know.

The owner of the Cinderella agency states that girls with psychological problems are not involved in the auctions. They are first examined by doctors. We did not find this condition on other sites.

As for the future of these girls, some remain in a similar relationship. The businessman, who won the auction with a girl from Kharkiv, offered to continue providing her financially – at 10 thousand euros a month. Others start working in such agencies, but as an administration.

No matter how the girl is treated, the consequences for her can be catastrophic, says the psychologist.

“To some extent, they not only break themselves, but also break the system of society, using its shadow aspects for their own benefit. However, this still translates them into the rank of objects rather than subjects of their lives, which can have a traumatic effect and remind themselves after a few years when the material wealth goes into a glut.”

If everything is clear to the seller, then what is the buyer’s interest?

Businessmen, politicians and foreigners are most often buyers: an anonymous Russian politician bought a night out with one of the girls for 1.8 million euros. The action of such a person can be compared to the purchase of a painting that will be stored only in his collection. Some buyers point out that it is important for them to find an innocent woman, sweet and humble.

 “All these actions are aimed at the desire of a man to own something exclusive, to be exclusive, the first, and in many cases the only one. We can assume in such men the phenomenon of a complex of inferiority or self-doubt, especially in relationships with women. Then, by “buying” innocence, they lay the foundation for all future relationships of a woman, hoping that she will always compare any man with him, and he will become the leader of her attention and desire. “

Legal nuances

Is such bidding legal? By logic, the sale of virginity is the provision of intimate services for money that falls within the concept of prostitution. But in reality, punishment for selling of virginity can only be a fantastic scenario.

I tend to think that a person’s body is their business. It is legally difficult to classify it as prostitution. I don’t even see what I can get myself into” – the criminal lawyer says.

“ Of course, such practices undermine moral grounds, but it is extremely difficult to hold them accountable. There is no evidence of all the components of an administrative offense and to record the event itself is extremely problematic. There will be no responsibility for placing the ad, as it is only an intention. And the act itself may not happen”.

In the article of the Criminal code we find clarification: prostitution is not considered a one-time sexual act for money. Customers, as we know, are not responsible even in cases of prostitution. This is the practice of virtually every country in the world, except for those who use the so-called “Swedish model”.

“ You can talk about responsibility for the pimp, the mediator, and then this is quite conditional. Speaking of prevention, it is almost impossible. Only a complaint to the police about pimping will help ”.

Pimping is punishable if, in order to gain money from the organization of sex services, an organized group was created, if there was blackmail, threats. The prison term of one to seven years is threatened with this.

In this case, can site owners be held liable if they receive a percentage of the girls’ profits? Lawyers disagree. One emphasizes that the difference between a model photo shoot site and a site hosting such ads is a subtle difference. It is unlikely that the owners of free classified ads will be held liable. If the site directly talks about such services, then its owners, hypothetically, can be held liable for pimping or even human trafficking, the expert said.

All three sites offer a 100% guarantee of legal transaction. The Cinderella auction states that the meeting is being held in Germany “for legal reasons”. Most likely, the owner of the agency decided to protect himself. In addition to Germany, prostitution is also legalized in the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, and even neighboring Hungary and Latvia. Speaking of Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the brothel is located in the US state of Nevada, where prostitution is legalized.

There are more questions about the Russian site. Theoretically, it can at least be blocked. But for that, we first need to write a statement to the police. But it is unknown whether a decision will be made. Judging from the bases of court decisions, in Ukraine in the history of independence, no sites that provide such services were blocked.

And we also do not find any information about the courts for trafficking in innocence. In Russia, there were similar cases, but the cases were subject to human trafficking. For example, a 35-year-old woman tried to sell the innocence of her 13-year-old daughter for $ 23,000, and a 22-year-old Russian tried to sell the innocence of a 15-year-old stranger for $ 10,000.

Interestingly, a girl can still be held responsible if she deceives clients and systematically pretends to be a virgin. Then what is happening can no longer be called a one-time operation.

The penalties for prostitution in Ukraine are ridiculous. According to Article 303 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, they range from 85 to 255 UAH. It is a penny compared to the revenue that a girl will receive for the first night of her life. Worse for her is the ability to assign public works and the fact that information about her past can be found in the public domain.

“Serial” virginity and other deceptions

Virginity can be returned for about 700 USD during few hours only. Bed rest and two weeks without sports, hygiene 5 times a day, and postoperative pain. That’s what girls do for money.

There are two different surgeries. During the short term, only the appearance of the virginity is created for about two weeks. There is also a long-term hymenoplasty, up to the intimate moment (it is possible not earlier than in a month). Both operations are allowed only after passing a full examination (the clinic costs another 100 USD). For surgery under local anesthesia, you need to donate about 7 blood tests and check your heart and lungs.

Age is not a barrier. We called one of the hymenoplasty clinics and introduced ourselves to 40-year-old Tamara who wants to comfort her husband. The doctor said that he had already dealt with women over 30. According to him, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated. One of his clients was enrolled for the third time in the clinic. But to abuse such practice, according to him, will not work – it will be physically impossible.

The doctor assured us that the operation is simple and the man would not notice the difference. Unless, of course, he is a doctor. And the doctor from the agency can come to the appointment, if the client separately pays about 100 thousand euros. Therefore, the scammer can outbid the client from the social network.

Some do not bother themselves with operations, but simply mimic the first experience. And there are those who do not have to do this. Men send cheaters money for tickets, and they disappear without a trace.

There are also cases where fake agencies lure girls into intimate photographs and then blackmail them. Such online reviews are found on the site first (the name is similar to the Russian site described above, but the domain is different). These sites are overflowing with positive reviews, but you can’t leave your own.

A girl can also be deceived by a client if they have made an appointment without an agency. Not surprisingly, the site even has special sections with tips on how not to catch a scammer. Experienced girls are advised to see the customers beforehand and to refuse the agreement, if he behaves improperly, not to publish nude photos and to check that a good hotel has been booked.

Virginity market in Ukraine

In addition, even a confidentiality agreement does not ensure that the auctioneer can be identified. Although the Kharkiv millionaire also deleted accounts from all social networks, she forgot about VKontakte and was quickly declassified. We do not give you any advice other than simple and obvious – not to participate in such auctions. In addition to the ethical side of the issue, there is an urgent issue of security.