Can I verify a Russian girl already in the US?

verify a Russian girl already in the US

Is this common, Russian immigrant hotties who are in the US and run scams?

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of requests to check out Russian women who have moved to the US.

Example story: If a Russian woman already in the US and claiming that her divorced russian husband is trying to reclaim running a scam? What are the odds she just using that to protect herself and that you can find her real name? She hasn’t asked for anything and I haven’t offered.  So no payments. Is she scamming me? I met her on a dating site, she says she lives in San Francisco and has her own business and has been there five years. She told me that she is dealing with her ex husband in Russia trying to blackmail her and reclaim her as his wife. I met her in a subscription site and we left and went to Telegram immediately. She says she has lawyers and is suing him in court.

Another example: There’s another one in texas, says she’s been here five years, she doesn’t seem to have any problems…yet! I have photos and Telegram chat.

What do we need from you to verify a Russian girl

Minimum we need is her pictures. If it’s a scam, they would use stolen pictures from Instagram and Vkontakte. These kind of pictures are not indexed by Google, so you cannot find it using an ordinary reverse search. But we have advanced tools to identify a person even by pictures from Instagram and Vkontakte.

If you have a photo of her passport or any other ID that would help too.

Her phone number, address and things she’s telling you (about her job, Russian past etc) – we can check the entire story.

What are our fees?

  • We charge 80 USD to identify a person by pictures. In return you get her real name and social networks.
  • To check her Russian passport will cost you 90 USD. You get a detailed report why it’s real or fake.
  • The third option is what we call a Maximum Verification. It includes passport check, pictures identification, phone number, address, scam check on the Internet and anything else we find during our investigation. The cost is 195 USD.

In all cases, she won’t know we investigated her.

You can pay by credit card (secure online portal) or PayPal.

We deliver the result within 24 hours once the payment is confirmed.