Use of other people’s photos is the most popular deception on dating sites

Use of other people's photos on dating sites scam deception
It’s a kind of magic

Our company has been helping people detect scammers on dating sites for 10 years. During this time we have seen different stories and witnessed various manipulations. But we can say unequivocally that the use of other people’s photos is the most popular deception on dating sites today.

How scammers use other people’s photos

The scheme is very simple and effective. Now the Internet is full of photos of beautiful girls that excite the imagination of men. Thousands of models maintain their accounts on Instagram and other social networks. Not to mention actors, celebrities, food bloggers, athletes, etc.

The swindler tries on their lives. There is a legend that she pretends to be the person you see in her profile photos on a dating site. So one person is in the photo and you are communicating with another.

Here she is at sea, here with her mother, and this is her favorite dog or cat… In social networks you can find a profile of a beautiful girl and adjust it to any story.

The worst thing about this scheme is that later the victim of fraud will not be able to prove anything. Who will you appeal to? To the celebrity who posted her photos on Instagram? This is completely legal. And the fact that her photos were used for fraud is the responsibility of the fraudsters themselves. But they disappeared a long time ago, taking your money with them.

Stolen pictures on dating sites

Some fraudulent schemes to use other people’s photos on dating sites are really sophisticated.

In the first case, it is about the cooperation of the model with a dating site. This is a very common scheme of deception.

Pictures are taken from an Instagram account of a very attractive girl. In most photos, she is half-naked and seduces with delicious shapes. In correspondence, the girl (or rather the one who communicates on her behalf) convinces the victim that it is really her correspondence.

But our investigation shows that this is not the case. We have such an experience when the girl convinced the victim that she is now taking care of her grandmother in Odessa, when in fact she has been in Dubai for a year. At the request of the man to send a photo with his name, the girl did so, but after 10 hours.

Remember that such girls (attractive models with tens of thousands of Instagram followers) never correspond. They do not need online dating at all. They get paid by dating sites for using their photos to cheat on men, and on demand, such girls take photos with your name on a piece of paper. We know how to detect such frauds.

The second scheme at first glance seems fantastic, but unfortunately, it happens. We are talking about the perfect use of Photoshop. The existing photo is taken as a basis. For example, the Ukrainian model. Her face is replaced by the face of another person, such as an Asian (filigree work). Thus, another person is artificially formed – very attractive and beautiful, but which does not exist in nature. She exists only in this profile of a dating site solely to deceive men.

How to identify a person by photo?

Our company offers a service of identify a person by image. We use special techniques, algorithms and tools that give an accurate result. Our specialists have the necessary experience and knowledge. We can help you. The sooner you understand who you are actually communicating with, the higher your chances of a successful date, as well as saving your time and money.