Under what circumstances men can leave Ukraine?

Exceptions list how can men leave ukraine during the war

In connection with the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, President Zelensky issued a decree on general mobilization. This means that for the period of martial law, male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 are restricted from traveling abroad. This category of men has no right to leave Ukraine. But there are exceptions to each rule.

What categories of men can leave Ukraine during the war?

  1. Those who cannot join the Army because of medical reasons. The military ID card must state that the man was declared unfit for military service by the medical commission during wartime. If the certificate states unfitness in peacetime or limited fitness in wartime, this will not give the right to cross the border.
  2. Men who have three and more children under the age of 18. Birth certificates must be presented stating that this man is a father.
  3. Men who raise a child under the age of 18 on their own. There must be a court decision depriving the mother of parental rights, a death certificate of the mother or a court decision declaring the mother missing or declared dead. The fact of divorce and determination of the child’s place of residence together with the father does not give grounds for going abroad.
  4. Men at whose expense there are kids under 18 with disabilities. This is confirmed by an identity card with a disability.
  5. Ukrainian men who support adult children with disabilities of 1-2 groups. Confirmed by a certificate.
  6. Men elderly caregivers, males over 80 or persons with disabilities.
  7. Ukrainian men who are adoptive parents, guardians, guardians or foster parents. Must be approved by the guardianship authorities.
  8. Those whose close relatives have died or gone missing as a result of anti-terrorist operations. The Department of Social Policy issues the following decision.