Ukrainians will be obliged to connect their SIM-cards with passports

ukrainian sim cards

Earlier we wrote about that passport is not required to buy a SIM card in Ukraine. But things are changing. The Ukrainian authorities want to oblige Ukrainians to contract phone numbers linked to bank cards to make them personal.

This year marks 20 years since the first Ukrainian bank, PrivatBank, began using mobile numbers to authorize its customers. This practice was later adopted by other banks. Now all Ukrainian bank cards are somehow linked to a phone number. Therefore, fraudsters often try to steal citizens’ numbers to gain access to their finances.

If the number is registered, a passport will be required to reissue the card. And in case of fraud, the citizen will be able to defend his rights in court.

“If you want to have a phone that you will continue to use for financial transactions or for digital services, in particular for obtaining an electronic digital signature, it must have a contract with a mobile operator so that the scammer can not steal it” , – such an explanation is given by the legislator.

Currently, SIM card binding is valid in almost 100 countries around the world: from Norway and Germany to Russia and Belarus.

Getting a mobile card is as easy as possible with free circulation and it is quite difficult to track the subscriber’s actions. But in reality, the free circulation of SIM cards benefits far more than ordinary citizens. Among the beneficiaries:

  • mobile operators – less costs for the organization of the subscriber connection procedure, and no need to organize the collection and strict storage of personal data;
  • dating scammers;
  • businesses that make aggressive sales over the phone – you can buy unlimited number of SIM-cards without any identification (SPAM);
  • collection organizations, which instead of litigation are engaged in extortion of plaintiffs and their relatives (which have nothing to do with loans);
  • fraudsters, criminals and other citizens who break the law, which even law enforcement agencies find difficult to detect and identify;
  • corrupt political elites who are afraid of persecuting and recording their violations by identifying calls from certain numbers.

The idea of linking a number to a passport in Ukraine is often feared, appealing to the right to privacy and confidentiality. Citizens are simply afraid that they will be monitored by special services. But it is important to understand that with the current development of technology, it is possible to track the actions of citizens in other ways. Often people report too much information about themselves on social networks.

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