Ukrainian women scam

Ukrainian women scam

In recent time scams activities greatly quickened. Unfortunately, it turned out that they were waiting for us in almost every area. But the most common type of fraud – is using the Internet. Many create loopholes to steal personal information, and more. But for foreigners, who are looking for your soul mate to beware ukrainian women scam.

Why do we have focused on this issue, though, and other intruders in the network is complete, we will now explain. So we have a situation that for Ukrainians, most importantly, get married successfully. Their “success” lies in the fact that the choice has to be rich, but in Ukraine such people find difficult.

Apart from marriage, some Slav not want to work and are involved in different scams, and “dilute” the people with money. This is especially true of foreign citizens in the network.

In turn, it should be noted that foreign suitors, in most cases, a different opinion about the Ukrainian. For example, the majority of them consider them respectable girls and good wives. There is no doubt that among them are also there, but this is very difficult to meet.

Ukrainian beauties, enjoy the fact that a special place among foreign grooms, so create unpleasant situations on the Internet.

Why beware ukrainian women scam and how to protect yourself from this, we will explain below.

As we said earlier, that the foreigners are very popular Ukrainian, respectively, then they are introduced to them in the network, on dating sites. However, by registering, on such resources men are not even aware that there they can wait for the danger.

What is it? The first problem is that most girls want to get the money, the second problem – this is something that you can not talk girl and a man – an attacker who pretends to be a beautiful lady.

Let us examine the first case.

Girl posing on a foreign dating site profile itself, it should be noted that quite a lot of free resources in the Ukraine, and fills in the profile are not actual data.

Also add photos, most likely, not his own and begins to “hunt”. Hunt young ladies on older men, so they believe that they already lived and earned big capital. Also under this category fall and men – er.

Furthermore, the plan is very simple. Woman looking for profiles of foreigners and sends them to the letter, that he interested her and she wants to meet you. Most of these letters are sent to ten people at a time.

When the process is running, they expect someone to respond to their message and continue their action plan. After the answer should be active dialogue, which in a week leads to the fact that she can say what she had high feelings to you.

All ends with the fact that when you offer to come to her, she refuses and asks for money to come to you. The reasons for failure are many, but the most common – is not security in their country and something like that. Sometimes they ask for money for treatment of the patients’ relatives.

All ends with the fact that if you transferred it to the account of the money, after a while it disappears and you are left with nothing.

The second point.

Men in the same way may be preying on foreigners as create profiles and add pictures downloaded from the internet. But the plan, in both cases one – lure of more money than a foreigner.

That type of fraud and engaged in illegal marriage agencies, it should be noted that the Ukraine – it is a profitable business.

To get to the ukrainian women scam, you need to adhere to certain safety standards. Such as not just entrust all told that you write. Also pay attention to how you communicate with the person. In most cases, they do not call you by your name, to avoid confusion, someone wrote.

If you and started talking with someone on a network, ask to send more pictures and photos with family and in the home environment. If you talking swindler or crook, they’d never do it, because other people’s photos in your profile.

You can ask on the phone to phone, but the attackers respond that they do not, so the situation is serious and nothing to buy. We would like to say straight away that this is not so, since almost everyone, especially young people have cell.

And finally, if you are completely and began to trust the person on the network, and he asks him to send a certain amount of protect yourself.

This can be done with the help of our company, which aims to disarm scams. Ask her to send you the passport data, better photocopy. And we, in turn, will be able to check whether there is a citizen of Ukraine. When more than one attacker was disarmed with our service. And only after that you will be able to help their passion and know that it is not a fraud.

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