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Mixed marriages, when Ukrainian girls marry foreigners, have long been a fashionable trend.  This phenomenon originates in the mid-90s, and by the beginning of the new century, marriage immigration became especially popular.  Basically, these are young Ukrainian girls under 30 years old (60%), the average age is 28 years old.

Men from other countries are also willing to marry Ukrainian girls. The main reasons: Ukrainian girls have a high level of culture and education, they are young and beautiful, as well as hardworking. Many experts believe that mixed marriages, especially when Ukrainian girls marry Chinese men, can lead to a leak of Ukrainian genes, which is in no way inferior to the “brain drain”.

Why Chinese men attract women from Ukraine?

What kind of men do Ukrainian girls like? One of the answers that shocked the Chinese men is that Ukrainian girls like caring and sincere Chinese men.

The first advantage: Chinese husbands are the best at taking care of the family. Of course, not all people are the same, but most Chinese husbands are fully responsible for the family.

Second, the Chinese do not abuse alcohol.

Third, Chinese men help around the house. Chinese food is delicious. Chinese men can wash and cook food, so they have won the image of calm and faithful husbands. In addition, Chinese husbands get a massage to their wives. This is something that men of other countries cannot give to their spouses.

Fourth advantage: Chinese men are wealthy. The economic development of China has made Chinese men popular.

Fifth, Chinese men take marriage very seriously.

And finally, Chinese men attract women from Ukraine because they’re devoted.

Ukraine girl in China

In China, Ukrainian women are considered very attractive. Although there are prejudices due to stereotypes about Ukrainian women prostituting.

There is an opinion that the popularity of Ukrainian women in China is a myth. A foreigner is more for fun. For the Chinese, marriage is an important decision in life. There is much less love in China than in Ukraine. The Chinese predominantly marry Chinese women, and most marriages are a kind of agreement between families. Therefore, if this is a Ukraine girl, then there must be a very serious reason for marriage – social status, appearance or youth.

“On the street, in the subway and in the store, they come up and say how beautiful you are! Men in China ask you to take a photo, even if I am completely without makeup “. This is how Ukrainian girl Anna tells about her experience of life in the Chinese region of Macao.

“Ukrainian women are beautiful girls. You don’t need to pay them for marriage. They’re homemakers”. Olga, who spent four years in Shanghai, faced such an attitude towards Ukrainian ladies.

Ukrainian women scam

Ukrainian women dating becomes more and more popular for Chinese men. It’s no secret that romantic online dating is often fraudulent. This is especially dangerous, given the fact that men from China know very little about Ukrainian culture and customs.

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