Are Ukrainian women allowed to cross the border during the war

ukrainian border Since the outbreak of the war of russia against Ukraine, there has been ongoing speculation and concern regarding the travel restrictions imposed on Ukrainian women. Various misleading claims have surfaced, creating confusion and anxiety. Clarifying the actual regulations regarding Ukrainian women crossing the border during the war is crucial to dispel misconceptions and provide accurate information.

The Ever-Evolving Tactics of Fraudsters

What do flies, elephants, and scammers all share? They never sleep. Fraudsters are constantly improving their fraudulent tactics to stay ahead of the curve. They adapt to the circumstances and try to capitalize on it. We’ve noticed a new trend in what we’re doing. Let’s say an American man connects with a Ukrainian woman through a dating website. This woman is attractive, youthful, and comes from a decent family. She currently has a job, but what she does is not very significant. What matters is that she previously studied at a medical college (or any other medical institution and is a nurse or other medical specialty). They talk and decide to meet. She plans to come to the United States, where he will be her knight in shining armor and rescue her from the war. Under this hype, the newly minted prince pays for everything she needs: a Ukrainian passport for traveling abroad, a visa to the United States (which is a separate fraudulent matter), medical certificates, escape from the war zone, taxis, rent, etc. During this epic, this beauty queen can potentially scam more money because she is not traveling ALONE. She’s got parents, brother or even a fucking cat! For instance, her parents need urgent medical treatment, her phone is broken, and her tooth is sore.

The Deceptive Romance: A Story of Financial Exploitation

The moment of truth has arrived. She is taking a bus to Poland, Romania, or Hungary, or wherever her travels may take her, where she will board a plane and journey to meet you. While you count down the hours until her arrival, she sends you a distressing message: “Hi dear, I’ve been detained at the border. According to the officers, I’m liable for military service. This is because, many years ago, when I was very young, I attended a medical college to study nursing. And now I am restricted from leaving Ukraine due to my military status and registration”. Usually, at this point, you will be offered to pay off the Ukrainian border guards for a certain amount of money (say, $1500). You can either pay immediately and the scammer will continue to dupe you with another scheme, or you can take a break. The fraudster will return to Ukraine in tears and send you a picture of her diploma along with an article from the internet claiming that women from Ukraine are banned from traveling abroad.

Understanding Travel Restrictions and Martial Law

Who is generally prohibited from traveling abroad in Ukraine in connection with Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the imposition of martial law? Men aged 18-60 are forbidden from leaving Ukraine during martial law. However, there are some exceptions, such as being unfit for military service, having three or more minor children, or caring for a person or child with a disability. Starting on October 1, 2023, women who have medical or pharmaceutical training and register for military service and become liable for military duty will have travel restrictions. Peaceful professions related to specific military-registered specialties may also register for military service if they agree voluntarily.

Ukrainian Women’s Travel Rights and Military Service

Free consent is crucial. For this reason, no one will be suddenly detained at the border. Instead, the person must inform the military registration and enlistment office and comply with the registration process. If there is no consEnt and she has not registered with the military enlistment office, then no one can stop a woman from crossing the border into Ukraine.
Currently, women registered for military service face no restrictions. Additionally, border guards lack the ability to confirm if a woman is a doctor, liable for military service, or registered in the records. The Ministry of Defense is working on a unified electronic register for persons liable for military service, but it is unclear how long this will take. Fraudsters in their emotional letters may reference Government Resolution No. 57, which outlines the rules for crossing the border during martial law and identifies who can and cannot leave. However, this Resolution does not address the restrictions for women liable for military service. That is the only relevant information. The doctors we spoke with who often travel abroad say they have experienced no travel issues thus far. “I’m a registered doctor, and there is no current travel ban in effect. At our routine check-up at the military office, we learned that a separate government decision would be necessary to impose such a ban.” As of today, no such decision has been made.

Trustworthy Assistance and Confidential Verification

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