In Kiev it’s possible to make a Ukrainian passport in one day

For the rest of the regional centers of Ukraine, the deadline will be three working days, because logistics is not fast enough.

The head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine said that a passport-making service in one day would be possible in Kiev.

” We have already prepared changes to the law. In Kiev it’ll be possible to make a Ukrainian passport in one day: today application, tomorrow received. For the rest big cities of Ukraine (regional centers) the deadline remains as three working days because of logistics. It simply cannot be faster.

Obtaining a Ukrainian passport in a day should clear the room for corruption and for dishonest intermediaries who promise to produce a passport sooner than the official deadline.

The cost of Ukrainian passport – the service in one day – will increase. Also, the old production time will remain – 7 and 20 working days.

In addition, the State Migration Service of Ukraine will offer to issue two documents for one visit: an ID card and a Ukrainian biometric passport. It will cost less because they take pictures once, they also take prints once. The procedure will be faster and the cost per person lower.

In addition, all residents of Ukraine, not only residents of the capital, will be able to issue an ID card in Kiev.” We want to cancel (unlink) the registration of the first ID card to the place of residence. Now ID is issued only at the place of registration, and it will be possible to do it anywhere in Ukraine. It will be convenient for those who, for example, are registered in Lviv and live in Kiev. We have already prepared amendments to the law and regulations to remove this restriction. I expect that they will be approved in the near future “.