Ukrainian passport drops in the rating of passports

Ukrainian passport took 44 placeUkrainian passport took 44 place

The passport of a citizen of Ukraine dropped to four positions in the rating of passports of the company Henley & Partners.

According to the rating, the Ukrainian passport took 44th place, dividing it with Nicaragua and Tuvalu. Currently, citizens of Ukraine can visit 126 countries without visas.

In the second quarter, the passport rate of Ukraine was higher – 40th place and 128 countries with visa-free visits. Over the past few months, two countries – Djibouti and Benin have changed their visa policy, and now Ukrainians should receive an electronic visa instead of a visa upon arrival.

Over the past 10 years, the indicators of the Ukrainian passport have increased significantly. In 2009, Ukrainians could visit without a visa only 50 countries, 5 years ago – 79.

The first place in the passport index is still occupied by Japan and Singapore, whose passports are allowed to visit 189 countries of the world without a visa. South Korea, which was previously the leader of the ranking, dropped to second place, dividing it with Germany and Finland (187 countries). In third place is Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg (186 countries).

The last place in the rating of passports is occupied by Afghanistan with visa-free access to 25 countries.

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