Ukrainian online romance scams. 2022 trends

2022 trends romance scammers ukraine

Yes, we did: forced ourselves to read dozens of letters that Ukrainian romance scammers wrote to their victims in 2022. The victims are mostly men from the United States. No matter what happens in our lives, even war in Ukraine – romance scams on the Internet continue. In this article, we’ll try to describe the latest trends on how fraudsters from Ukraine deceive men in 2022.

Of course, life dictates new trends. Now it is Russia’s war against Ukraine, the issue of refugees and everything around. In addition, the good old classics: a broken phone, the camera does not work; there is no Internet to go to video chat, money for a Ukrainian passport, medical treatment, etc.


The beginning of acquaintance is classic. The girl introduces herself, shows her interest in the man, usually indicates her date of birth and where exactly she was born in Ukraine.

We strongly recommend that you end the contact as soon as you see that the girl comes from Donetsk or Luhansk region. Since 2014, some of these territories have been seized by Russian terrorists. The law of Ukraine does not apply there. The percentage of fraud in this region is outrageous (more than 95%).

Avoid girls who come from such cities as Luhansk, Donetsk, Makeyevka, Krasnodon and others. The vast majority of normal people left in 2014. The vast majority of normal people left in 2014. Remaining collaborators and supporters of Russia. If you are looking for such a couple, then good luck!

Now I’ll tell you a little about myself) I was born on May 27, 1987.
I am from the city of Makeevka. What city are you from? My profession is about helping people.
I work as a nurse in a hospital. You know, it seems to me that this is my calling – to help people!

Most of the girls say that they are teachers at school, educators in kindergartens, salesman in shops or hairdressers. In short, as clean as a little angel’s tear!

From the beginning, the girl is interested in her potential man. The goal is to learn as much as possible about the victim: weaknesses, emotional condition, where he works, how much he earns, etc.

Her image is innocence itself. She is a novice. A little girl in this scary world where you are her hero.

You  know,  I’m new to a dating site. I have not yet had acquaintances with men in chats and on the site. But I decided to try fate, suddenly you are my destiny 🙂

War in Ukraine

The topic of war in Ukraine is now #1 among romance scammers. Unfortunately.  The scenario is usually the same – a significant exaggeration. The girl claims that she is in great danger, everything around explodes and burns, she and her parents have been sitting in the basement for 100 days… and only her knight (potential victim) can save her. If you’re the chosen one, you risk losing thousands of dollars.

Forgive me please, I could not write to you earlier. The shelling intensified in our city. We have very big problems with the Internet and electricity. Power outages are constant. The technology doesn’t work properly. I’m sorry because of this there are problems with sending the letter. Don’t worry, I’m fine.

Now, while there is electricity, I decided to write to you so that you do not worry. Unfortunately, such problems with the Internet here are often due to the war. I hope that you understand and will not be offended?

My dear, I’m so scared here, I just don’t have money so that I can live a normal life … there is almost no food in the stores. I don’t get paid at all, I’m so worried about all this. I just don’t have the money to live normally. Still, I have to pay to leave. I’m so worried about this! Now the evacuation corridor is being shelled, it is very difficult to leave the city. Targeted heavy shelling is being carried out in the evacuation corridor of the city, but I will try to escape from this hell. I need money for the road and then I will try to leave the city.

SOS calls are constantly backed up by seductive photos of the girl (these are just stolen photos of gorgeous babes, mostly from Instagram). By the way, we are very good at identifying girls by photo. Even if the pictures are from Instagram (we have the necessary tools because you won’t be able to identify these photos on google). The man is shown that after the rescue he will have a hot trophy… And they will live long and happily and die in one day…

Refugees. Flee Ukraine

More than 5 million people have been forced to flee Ukraine due to Russian aggression. It’s true. More precisely, part of the truth. And here the main thing is – in the details. In fact, part of the territory of Ukraine is destroyed, part is bombed every day, etc. But there is another part of Ukraine – relatively safe, where there’s almost no damage and where a huge number of Ukrainians have moved. Many people (mostly women and children) went to Poland and further to the West.

At the same time, the Ukrainian army recaptures the temporarily occupied territories and the people return to their homes. At the moment (end of May 2022) more people are returning to Ukraine than leaving. This is a very important point. But the swindler will not tell you about it. Instead, you’ll hear something like:

Yes, things are getting worse in Ukraine. I so want to leave Ukraine, but now I need to be able to escape from here at least some finances. The  Polish  border  is flooded with hundreds of thousands of refugees and  they  all  need  shelter and housing, you can see a lot of people walking  across  the  border.  Also, the Russians moved to Kharkov and there  are fights, and the Russian invaders are also trying to capture Kyiv,  or  rather  the  Kyiv  authorities  in  order  to overthrow our president  and place their Russian puppet there. There are very fierce battles going on.  Kyiv has already become a dangerous place. Here the Russian military and they fire at the ordinary population,   civilians and schools and kindergartens.  They kill children and women!!!!  Understand? It’s just not possible to endure and endure.

Cute shelling is now regular! I’m so scared, I’m so uneasy! Lord, how scared I am here now, I just every. cherish my life for a second! I appreciate this life so much!
The sound of a siren calls me to a safe place, and I understand that my salvation may be there. But at the same time, I understand that this is the sound of an attack, I understand what it means: someone, somewhere will suffer. Maybe not where I’m sitting in the bunker, in the basement. Or where I sleep, because I am very tired and do not want to go down to the basement for the fifth time in one night.

But I understand that after this siren someone will die. Maybe not me. Most likely not me. But someone who must not die. And that’s why it’s scary. And I have the sound of this siren in my ears even in the basement where I am now. I will never forget this sound.

There is only one conclusion: you have to send her money. Otherwise she will die. You understand? Don’t waste a minute. Hurry up and send her money, because scammers need it. Your money.

The funniest and and the most disgusting is that under conditions of constant shelling and colossal destruction, the girl is able to take your money in almost any way:

if you are ready to help me – please, write me the  money  transfer  system you can use to send funds for me: PayPal, Western   Union,  MoneyGram,  Ria,  IntelExpress,  Meest,  Wise,  bank account,  Paysend, cryptocurrency “USDT” and I will give you the exact information how to send funds for me.

It is unclear where and how she is going to get the money. In which branch of the bank (because everything is destroyed or does not work). And then how she is going to buy food, because the stores have been bombed as well…

Urgent move to Poland

The trends here are as follows: a scammer asks for money for a taxi or a special bus. She names a sky-high price – from $US 500. Obviously, this price is not true. The Government of Ukraine constantly organizes evacuation trains. Therefore, in fact, this transportation is free.

i  live  in  the other side of Ukraine from the Polish border, look at the  map yourself where Lugansk region is situated and where is Poland –  1700  km.  all Ukraine is in fire and all men are mobilized for the war so only old men drive busses and they do not drive for free. to be able  to  go  from Beloe to the Polish border by bus – it is needed to pay  $500  for every person. it is a pity i do not have these funds:(( so I will be able to go to the safe place to the Polish border only if you help me…

As for crossing the Ukrainian border, she will complain that she does not have a passport, visa, etc. In fact, crossing the border is as simple as possible. There is an understanding on the part of the government that many people have lost their documents, so crossing the border on both the Ukrainian and Polish sides is possible with a minimal set of documents. Of course, no one requires any visas! This is nonsense under these circumstances!

Other possible legends: she goes with the child. Something is happening to the child, surgery is needed (big money, which of course YOU have to send her). We also heard stories about how she was beaten at the airport by a Russian because she is the greatest patriot of Ukraine of all times and peoples!

Or other nonsense: the woman claims that she is now in Germany. Her visa is expiring and she urgently needs to return to Ukraine (!!!!) to renew her visa. Once again: no visas! There is a war in Ukraine. European countries tolerate refugees from Ukraine. No visas are required for this period.

Broken smartphone and problems with Internet

Classic, isn’t it? Her phone broke; her ex-boyfriend/ex-husband did that. That’s why video chat is impossible now and you can’t see her face (see who you’re really dealing with).

my  ex took away my lap top when I left him in hurry, he also broke my smartphone  so  the screen of it is crushed so it is impossible to use it,  sometimes  it is possible to call by it, to receive calls…. but only  sometimes:((( I have found an Internet cafe here but going there and  knowing  prices  – I was totally shocked:(((

And it is not surprising, because at the opposite end, instead of a beautiful girl, with a high probability, there may be a man. Yes, I’m fucking serious! A man with a beard and balls pretending to be a woman,  trying to steal your money!

Another insanity about the Internet in Ukraine during the war:

she explained me that Internet is so expensive here because everything is  ruined  here and nothing works here, battles are going here in the different  places  so the Internet line is damaged with battles and is being  fixed  almost daily. so Internet is very costly here:(( but for now  i am paying in Internet cafe even it is very costy for me..

I need to check a person from Ukraine

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