Ukrainian dating scam Yulia Umuanskaya

I met a Ukrainian girl online app INVITE TRAVEL and started talking with her on whatsapp from her number +380974426436 and email Almost one month we were chatting and communicating we decided that that we should meet in Turkey Istanbul. I booked hotel for her and air tickets and as per her saying that she needs 1700 USD to show to immigration officer as first time traveling to abroad.  Overall she took 2530.00 USD as per details below
1. MTCN 8940210513 USD 150.00
2. MTCN 1394677815 USD 680.00
3. MTCN 6250746278 USD 1000.00
4. MTCN 1583230490 USD 700.00
Once all arrangements were done, I traveled to Turkey expecting her to receive her at Istanbul Airport. But she didn’t came. After 2 days I received whatsapp msg from another number  +380636376632 she text me that she is badly injured in road accident  while she was going to Kiev to take flight to Istanbul and now she is in hospital and texting me from phone belonging to hospital doctor and to make me believe that situation so called Doctor share her picture photo shop edited) showing her wounds sitting on hospital bed. Later on false Doctor sent me msg that Miss Yulia is in critical condition with pain  and she needs immediate surgery otherwise her leg might get damaged. She dont have any medical insurance and money she was carrying is also misplaced in wrackage of accident. Total amount for surgery and medication he/she told me would be arround 6500 USD. He/she then said that after deposit of amount hospital will allow for Surgery. In that situation and helping that girl I asked so called Doctor to start Surgery I,ll send him/her the money. Initially I send 4200 USD to Irina Turbnikova as so called Doctor said that he,ll be busy in hospital and Irina Trubnikova is nurse in hospital she will pick money and deposit. So I sent her 4600 USD in 7 transactions as per details and MTCN below
1.Western Union MTCN 0399707280 USD 700.53
2 Western Union MTCN 3661685788 USD 800.00
3. western Union MTCN 5027275822 USD 700.73
4 Western Union MTCN 1732131508 USD 700.66
5. Western Union MTCN 7797338880 USD 700.34
6. Western Union MTCN 4252977435 USD 700.17
7. Western Union MTCN 7705144179 USD 300.00

Also 2000 USD deposited in a bank account  given by so called fake Doctor as per details below
Beneficiary bank: JSC ALFA BANK
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 26209911689850

I am victim of online fraud by group of people operating from Ukraine. I have given all details in my email. Matter is required to be investigated and culprits should be caught to avoid further such kind of frauds.

These are 3 girls involved in this whole fraud
Yulia Umuanskaya she is main player took 2530.00 USD
Irina Trubnikova She received Western union 7 transactions 4600.00 USD
Viktoria Shevela She received USD 2000.00

Total amount they robbed me USD 9130.00
I have attached all the documents and money transfer reference and account holder details which can be tracked easily.

I am working individual and money which was taken from me in this online scam and fraud is hard to earn. I am totally broken after loosing my legitimate income in the hands of criminals playing with the sentiments and feeling of people. No one will trust of needy person in similar situation. What I did on humanatrain ground trusting that Miss Yulia Umuanskaya is in critical condition and she needs medical help not knowing that they are playing fraudulent game.
I have explain every details.

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