Granting of Ukrainian citizenship to foreigners: conditions to obtain a Ukrainian passport

how to get ukrainian passport in less than 15 minOn August 25, 2019 the law on granting Ukrainian citizenship to foreign volunteers will come into force.

The law on simplification of obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine by foreigners and stateless persons who took part in the protection of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and immunity will come into force on August 25, 2019.

The text of the law was published in the parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”.

The proof of participation in the conflict for foreigners will be a certificate from the Ministry of Defense and an executive body under whose jurisdiction armed formations are present, as well as a certificate from the division commander or court decision.

Thus, foreign volunteers will be able to obtain citizenship of Ukraine at their request.

Volunteer foreigners also can not be voluntarily or forcibly returned to their country of origin or third country issued to another state for serving a sentence if such country is recognized by Ukraine as an aggressor state.

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