Ukrainian biometric passports and their benefits

benefits of ukrainian biometric passportsAll documents that are now issued in Ukraine are biometric

Today, all Ukrainian passports, both the internal ID-card and the International Ukrainian passport, have an electronic chip with biometric data of the owner of the document. This passport can not be forged, it can not be used by any other person. In the future, the infrastructure of electronic services will also be developed, which will significantly simplify the provision of services to Ukrainians with biometric documents.

For traveling abroad, the child must have a passport

Pasting photos of children in the parents’ passports and travel documents of the child are in the past. Today the only possible option is a separate Ukrainian passport issued for a child.

In June 2017, the European Union introduced a visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens. Only those who have a biometric passport for traveling abroad can use it, including children.

Registration of the first ID-card passport is the responsibility of every Ukrainian who turned 14 years old

Ukrainian passport is a document confirming the identity and citizenship of Ukraine. Each citizen of Ukraine who has attained 14 years of age, must obtain a passport of citizen of Ukraine. The first passport is issued free of charge for 4 years, after reaching the age of 18 you will receive a passport with a validity of 10 years.

The Ukrainian passport for traveling abroad offers unlimited travel opportunities

With the Ukrainian biometric passport you can travel without a visa to 120 countries, including EU countries. The Ukrainian passport ranked 29th in the world ranking. The leader in the rating is Germany, whose citizens travel without a visa to 158 countries of the world.

No need to hurry: Mandatory replacement of documents is not foreseen

The introduction of new biometric passports in Ukraine is a long process that will take place naturally in the next few years. Obligatory replacement of documents, as well as the establishment of deadlines for the previously issued documents are not provided by law.

ID cards are issued as the first passport, as well as in the case of changing the name, loss, damage of the passport or the need for pasting photos at the age of 25 or 45 years.

A Ukrainian biometric passport can be obtained by anyone, however, all passports that were issued earlier and their validity period has not yet expired will be valid until the expiration of such period of validity.

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