Ukraine online dating scams

Ukraine matrimonial sites

Today the topic of fraud is so relevant that in the internet resources, newspapers is writing about this, television and radio are talking about this. Many are accustomed to the fact that victims of scams are mostly women, and almost always at the international sites.

I would like to immediately dispel this stereotype and tell that no one is immune of the fraud, but with regards to the Ukrainian women, most of them are often act as scammers than sacrifice.

It should be noted that Ukraine online dating scams are very common in recent years. Many girls use all their charm to lure the more money and expensive gifts from the foreigners.

Professional fraud earns approximately a million dollars in a year. If the level of her so-called art is lower, she earns a little less. Almost all the dating sites, which were previously used in the same direction, but now they have turned Ukraine online dating scams.

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The talent of these girls grew up to professionalism, their activity they consider as a work, and those who have not fall for such deceptions, was immune to this, began to fall on the hook too.

What are the princes of their work, and what tactics they use, let’s look at below.

Firstly, as well as all other users, they create profiles, but their profiles are often very bright, filled with all information about them, and photos are very charming. But we must immediately add that all photos are not their, and copied from the network.

The next step is letter to the matched victim. Often the crook is very intellectual, polite and unobtrusive in the first letter. When you answer her, she will offer you to communicate by e-mail or communicate via video call. Thus, she is trying to prove you that her intentions are absolutely real, and that she is configured for a serious relationship.

Ukraine online dating scams is so completed that it’s hard to immediately recognize the speculator. When dealing with such women pay attention to the following points.

  1. She will never call you by name;
  2. She won`t write new stories, such as, for example, in the beginning;
  3. Do not answer on a specific your question
  4. Most of them talk about family and children, but do not show the photos;
  5. Each letter contains compliments in your favor.

If you talk via the phone or communicate by e-mail, the girl in all ways seeks a confidence from you and fall in love with. When you opened up in front of her, and show feelings, they start another technique.

Building trust can be held for months, she waits until you fully dissolve in her and will trust her. Only when she achieved such a result, she starts to coming up with different tearful stories, that she or her relatives have serious health problems and that a specific amount is really necessary.

Any person, to whom the other is not indifferent, will definitely help, and thus you will lose a lot of money. And when they get it, then you are unlikely to communicate with that person once more.

We have showed one of the most common ways, but below we will talk about other methods of scammers.

Ukraine matrimonial sites

It seemed that if person do not trust the dating sites and he can`t get acquainted independently, in such cases the marriage agencies can help. After all, everyone thinks that professionals are working in such organization, and by paying the money, you definitely will pick up the companion that will meet you.

But Ukraine matrimonial sites are not that reliable as you think. Most of them only want to get your money, and believe me, girls who are working there is well trained and do their work at the highest level.

Their tactic is that they find foreign suitors as well as “independent” scammers, wind them round and lure money. The only difference is that those who are working alone take all the profits themselves, working in Ukraine matrimonial sites, you will have to give all the profits, and to receive only interest and gifts, which sent the foreigners.

That is why, it is necessary to remember that it is better to get acquainted with a person live, so you can evaluate him and get to know. Only a lively dialogue can help you choose a companion and understand her intentions.

If you are a foreigner and you are attracted to Ukrainian women, then it is better to go to the country and to visit the places where decent women gather. It can be different places, ranging from theaters and finishing with the restaurants.

In general, the behavior of women today is very disappointing, because even if to take to the attention online dating sites, they have been created to make it easier for people to find a helpmate or companion, and eventually they were turned into scam sites.

Getting acquainted on such resources, remember, you should always think sensibly and not to succumb to provocations, only in this case you will be able to protect yourself from financial fraud.

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