Travel from Ukraine to USA

What money do they use in Ukraine

United States of America is a dream of many, but the overseas country is not available for, and many only dream about it.

It attracts because it is very developed in all respects, America is a collection of all the nations with a high level of tolerance to each other.

Ukrainians also like this country and trying to get into this fabulous area. The distance between these countries is very large, but in spite of this from the capital of Ukraine New York can be reached just in nine hours.

Travel from Ukraine to USA with transfers may take up to twenty hours, in general, the time will depend on the airport, which you fly to.

Like the Ukrainians, Americans see Ukrainian tourists from afar. They are distinguished by their behavior, demeanor and clothing. Since intelligence and education of some Ukrainians is much lower than Americans, arrived in a foreign country, they immediately reveal themselves.

This is manifested by the fact that they are very noisy, and do not know the normal rules of etiquette, and of course, bad English let them on. According to the Americans, the Ukrainian nation is so ill-bred that visiting any institution, they scream and can safely be rude with manager, waiter, and the passer-by.

Ukrainians, in their turn, dream about travel from Ukraine to USA, because for them it is like a fairy tale. They are ready to give everything to get here. And if they did get to dream, begin to behave immorally. No one will be surprised that Slavic people abuse alcohol, and after coming to the States, they begin to try all possible alcohol. This approach leads to the fact that they can start to sort things out with passersby on the street or in a hotel. As a result, the police takes them to the department.

Americans are not very fond of Ukrainians visiting their country, because they are very vulgar. Generally, the purpose of travel from Ukraine to USA is different for every Ukrainian. Some come to see the world, second to find a job, but the girl from the Ukraine in the majority come in search of her husband.

For them, the American man  is a dream of a better life.

 Girls are quite without complex, because they can come to get acquainted first, or behave in such a way attract attention to them. Sometimes the girls come to the US at the invitation of the groom, but it does not mean that she will be yours. Since, Ukrainians are very fond of money, they do not disdain to switch to your friend, because by their standards he is richer.

If a Ukrainian came on a tourist visa, it does not mean that he will attend memo architecture or other cultural places, firstly, he will find out where he can get a job. Since the difference in wage is huge, they are willing to stay and work in the US for low by the standards of American wages.

And only a small percentage of them actually come to enjoy the culture and the beauty of America.

A lot of things surprised Americans in Ukrainians, but most of all, how they spend money for travel and where do they are take them. Let’s try to understand this question below.

What money do they use in Ukraine?

The entire world knows that the Ukrainians is quite poor nation, and where they take the money to travel to a distant and expensive country. If we take the ratio of the Ukrainian currency hryvnia to the US dollar, then you should know that one dollar is equal to almost thirty local currencies. For comparison, you can see what money do they use in Ukraine and what in the United States.

For example, for the average Ukrainian to visit his resort, he has to work a year and infringe upon himself in many ways. This problem occurs because of the unstable economic situation in the country. As well as human labor is estimated very bad.

Ukrainians, even those who have received a good education at home, go to work not by profession, because without job experience, person is not taken. That is why, young specialist should to work on low-grade posts for a minimum wage, and the knowledge of acquired profession disappears.

But not everyone can go to America, as they have to spend years to earn money for a trip. This is because the ratio of exchange is very different.

If to think about what money do they use in Ukraine, you can imagine how much they have to spend in the United States. But this drop in the ratio of money do not stop them. To achieve their goal, they are looking for the cheapest travel packages, booking a hostel, and eat in McDonalds.

Although, they are not very fond of Ukrainians, but some of them are educated and well-bred people. Basically, when they travel abroad, they can not be distinguished from the resident country. Most of them know the culture, the language and how to behave in society.

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