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to check passport status

Passport is a certificate of the person, which confirms his identity. But recently, people seeking to go abroad, do not want to issue legal documents and buy fake passports. And if it concerns online dating, passport is made generally in Photoshop.

Many Ukrainian girls is looking for a rich husband abroad and go to various tricks in order men pay attention to them. That is why if you are submitted a copy of passport, it does not mean that it is valid. To verify this, you need to track your passport status.

If we talk about Ukrainian passports, there are two types of them:

– Passport of the citizen of Ukraine, which operates in the country;

– Passport of the citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad.

Each passport must be stamped on the photo, if it is absent, then a passport is considered invalid. And if you are not sure or do not know how to distinguish whether a document is forged or not, you would better to contact our office to track your passport status.

We specialize in this kind of work, because we want to save foreigners from adventuresses, who try to fraudulently capture your attention and resources.

If we talk about fraud with forged documents and passports, such service in the Ukraine is very common lately.

This “business” has gained momentum thanks to the girls who want easy money. Illegal passport can be purchased via the Internet or meet with the “buyer” personally.

It turns illogical, if a girl wants to marry a foreigner, and sends him invalid documents, why it is needed.

First of all, in order to get a good amount of money and make real documents for this money. As in this country, according to their standards, the passport for travel abroad is expensive.

Track your passport status is necessary in order not to get to the speculator, who thirsty for gifts and money. Below we will provide more information, and reveal which methods are used by Ukrainian brides and what they are going for to achieve their goals.

Please contact us to check passport status

Continuing the same theme, we will add that inexperienced “lady” reach that moment when they makes the passport in Photoshop. Of course, such copies don`t worth any checking, as most of them do not know how to use this program. But there are also such speculators who manage it very good, or ask their friends to help them.

Ukrainian girls are very attracted to foreigners, since many of there are a lot of good reviews about them. For example, it is an excellent hostesses, responsible mothers and good wives. To some extent this is true, because not all of them want money, but it will be difficult to meet with a decent gir, since only a small percentage of them are registered on dating sites.

These girls attend the event or speed dating to find a life partner. And the rest of the mass, which is registered on this type of sites, is just waiting for your money.

To check passport status, which is sent to you by a girl, you need to contact our office and we immediately define her intentions.

Girls go to such immoral acts, justifying this by saying that there is a country’s unstable situation, that`s why their life is hard. Among Ukrainians there is a perception that foreigners are very generous and can send help without asking anything in return.

The average age of the girls who are looking for a sponsor is nearly thirty years, but their goal is older men. If you’re written by Slav on a dating site, which is a lot younger than you, believe me, she is absolutely not interested in you.

For the first time it can be normal communication, which is not foreshadowing anything wrong. But after she a little bit know you, she can tell you how heavy is her life, or that she has a sick relative who require urgent medical care, but she can not afford it.

You can respectively believe in this sad story and send her a financial aid. Who does not help a person whom he likes?

All these points are very unpleasant, as fraud on a dating site is thriving, and this can not be done with anything. If to look, you voluntarily send money or any of the other parcels.

The only thing you will have is to ask her a photocopy of documents and verify their authenticity. To check passport status, you will need the whole day. We work quickly and appreciate your time.

To check the passports we call the police, and they have to say whether the document is real or not. Our service operates legally and values ​​its status.

To check the passport, we need the photocopy documents from you that you received. Since during the checking we use number and series, without them our specialists will not be able to help you.

In conclusion, we want to add, be careful when visiting this kind of websites and pay attention, how your interlocutor is writing to you. These small tips will give you the ability to understand the intentions of the girls.

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