Top 5 Things Men lie about in their Dating Profiles


In today’s world, it is easy to find somebody for creating relationships. It is enough to register on a dating site and potential gentlemen will showering their attention on attractive woman.

Single men who want to make a woman feel comfortable can lie about themselves. Thus, a woman will be able to choose this particular man.

But what exactly are the men lying about on the dating site? Let’s talk about 5 popular things.


Men as well as women are sometimes ashamed of their appearance. A man may be overweight, bald, short, and so on. But a man will try not to talk about it and will slightly stretch the truth. When meeting with a woman, she learns about his shortcomings and their relationship is a question mark.


In his profile on a dating site, a man can be a connoisseur of art, he likes to go to museums, cinemas, and so on. But in fact, a man spruces everything up in order to seem like an interesting company and a developed personality.


A man can lie about his work in order to win the girl’s trust. He can say that he is the main person in their company, the big boss, and so on. A woman will definitely take into account all these advantages and want to meet with him. But it’s like anything, the man turns out to be a simple employee who does not have people under his command, does not earn a lot of money and does not live up to his stories.


A woman may be interested in the intentions of a man, how he fits in creating a family and living together. The man says that he is ripe for a serious relationship, creating a family, having children, and so on. But a man can lie about it in order to get a girl and just use her. It is not uncommon for a man to lie to a woman and leave her after a night with her.


An older man may be uncomfortable with his age and become uncomfortable talking about it. Because of this, he can lie about his age and throw off or add himself at least a couple of years. Thus, a woman will be more comfortable communicating with a man and she will not think that a man is too old or too young for her.

Quick check of a man’s profile

People tend to lie about themselves. Especially online, on dating sites where you can easily be deceived by dating scammers. We’ll help you to verify your man from a dating site and find out who he really is.