TOP 5 UA Dating scams

TOP 5 UA Dating scams

Here are five of the most popular love scams involving girls from Ukraine that we face in 2023.

Fake profiles and Catfishing

Fraud scheme – scammers may create fake profiles on dating websites or social media platforms, often using photos of attractive people from Ukraine or other countries to lure in unsuspecting victims. They may use fake names, locations, and personal information to make the profile appear legitimate.

In some cases, scammers may pretend to be someone they are not, using fake photos and personal information to create an entirely false identity. They may use this false identity to build trust with their victims and then exploit that trust for financial gain.

Solution – check photos online. Google image search or similar tools. Consider that scammers become smarter and use the images you cannot find with google. For example, images from Instagram that are not indexed by search engines. In this case, we suggest using our photo identification services. Our advanced tools and search algorithms allow us to identify a person from images even from Instagram and Russian social networks Vkontakte and

Requests for money

How the fraud scheme works Scammers from Ukraine may ask for money or gifts from their victims, often claiming that they need the money for travel expenses, medical bills, or other emergencies. They may also use more elaborate stories to gain sympathy and manipulate their victims into giving them money.

How to fix – The best thing you can do is never, under any circumstances, pay for girls online. Don’t even give her the opportunity to think that you will send her money before you make sure that she is the right person. Remember that you can impersonate anyone on the Internet. And you can create any document in Photoshop to prove it. If the victim does not have the necessary knowledge and information, he or she will not be able to understand what is true and what is deception.

If you did pay for it at least once, either be prepared to do it again and again or immediately break off this contact. There are many girls, and you are one. Remember that!


How the fraud scheme works Some scammers may use intimate photos or videos to blackmail their victims, threatening to release the content unless they receive money or other forms of compensation.

How can this situation be resolved? Of course, it is best to avoid such situations. But if it has already happened, first make sure that the criminals actually have compromising information. We do not recommend paying the ransom or fulfilling other demands of fraudsters. You risk paying them forever (they will not let you go).

As strange as it may sound, cutting off any dialog with the extortionists right away is not the worst decision. You will firmly show that you are not vulnerable to this situation, and the criminals will think twice about committing a crime or maybe looking for another victim.

Seek expert advice. Fraudsters can manipulate facts, invent non-existent laws, or distort them. A person under stress can do something stupid. Stay calm as much as possible.

In most cases, it is a bluff. Blackmail and extortion is a serious crime, and criminals know it. Therefore, they are not going to post your intimate photos on the Internet from the very beginning. They just want to make some easy money.

UA Romance scams

What is it about These types of scams involve building a romantic relationship with a victim over a period of time, often through messaging or email. The scammer may claim to be in love with the victim and use this emotional connection to manipulate them into sending money or other forms of financial assistance.

Solution? Our general advice is this: always check the girls from Ukraine you meet online. If you can’t do it yourself, please contact us. Ukrainian-Passport have been screening women from Ukraine and Russia since 2010. We have the necessary experience and knowledge. Our experts can find everything you need: name, date of birth, address, phone number, job, status, and much more.

Before you commit to a relationship with another person, you should find out everything you can about him/her. We are at your service.

You may ask: where is scheme # 5? In fact, we did not plan to describe five schemes. It’s just because search engines love the query “Top 5”.