Top 5 Internet Fraud and Scams

Top 5 Internet Fraud and Scams

Online fraud is no surprise, because we seemed to already know about them enough information. But despite this, many people have still believe in the so-called good fortune, and maintained to a malicious methods. To date, there are deep-rooted practices and fraud in this earn on average thirteen billion dollars a year. Among them are the Top 5 Internet Fraud and Scams.

I must say that “the era of fraud”, most likely, will never end, because there are still those that blindly believe that you can get easy money and for them to not have to do anything. For such people, and live fraudsters.

Among all the “divorce” can be identified by those who, in our opinion, will never be eradicated. Now we give a list and brief description of each type of fraud that exists on the web and in no way lowers the speed.

Top 5 Internet Fraud and Scams

Nigerian letter

It seems that it is already outdated topic, and none of this has not been led. But no, there are people that still believe in the “good luck.”

Most often you will receive a letter, which contains information on the bad English. It says that you have had a relative who died and left you a large inheritance.

Or that the person needs help, because it has a huge amount of money and it must withdraw from the country, but for this you need to open an account in their own country and take the money. For this of course you will get a reward.

And in the first and in the second case, you need to forward the amount to open an account, it varies from one hundred dollars to several thousand.

Once the money is sent, your “well-wisher” disappears. I should add that this method works with as long as there was the Internet, but its “popularity” does not disappear, but on the contrary.

Online sales

In this case, the system is very simple. Create your own online store or personal ad, which indicates the price of brand-name products is much lower than the standard. The only condition – this prepayment.

Accordingly, the money sent to the purse and the “seller” disappeared together with his proposal.

Perfect girl

This is a common trick, which “” underway “foreign men of advanced age. Basically Slavic girls make attractive portfolio and foreign suitors promise a long and eternal love.

However, their main goal – is to take over the money the groom. Do they just ask for money or a visa or for the treatment of their relatives?

Of course, it’s all the hype and ultimately person disappears.


Scams aimed at obtaining personal information by deception. This is done so that you get an e-mail, where you offer to go to the link and fill in personal data.

The most common site link, which is referred to, similar to your banks website, the difference may be only one letter of the resource addresses.

When you enter personal data, at this time the scammer receives them, and I must say that after some time your credit card will be written off the money.

And completes the Top 5 Internet Fraud and Scams vishing

Fraud scheme resembles phishing, which we mentioned above, but the difference is that the attacker receives personal data via telephone. That is, calling the cardholder and the bank posing as an employee, receives information in the form of a code word, and the username and password from your personal account.

As a result, we want to add each user to be treated more seriously to the entire network and remember that just because you no one to give a large sum. Therefore, be careful and pay attention to all the emails that you receive.

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