Tips on how to not come across scams on Ukrainian dating sites

Tips on how to not come across scams on Ukrainian dating sites

How not to run into scams on Ukrainian dating sites in search of love.

According to a 2018 Internet Crime Report, romantic online fraud damage totaled nearly $ 363 million. However, many victims lost all their savings or even went into debt. Due to the spread of this type of fraud online.

Here is a list of common features that can help identify fraudsters (Ukrainian girls) looking for a key not to the victim’s heart, but to the victim’s wallet.


Fraudsters, as a rule, in their fake profiles use not their photos but pictures of models. In addition, for the sake of credibility, fraudsters can steal photos of real people. In both cases, you can do a quick check by back-searching your photos in the Google images section to protect yourself.

Too much love from the very beginning

You can identify fraudsters by the way they communicate online. The main feature of online fraud is that your relationship develops too quickly and that you have a love word in the first few hours of communication. Scammers use this technique to make you forget about caution, and they can eventually reach their ultimate goal of accessing your funds.

It’s worth noting that most dating services allow you to block and report a profile of a potential scammer, and the moderation team can remove it.

Changing a platform

Another sign of the unintentional intent of the new virtual girl is to try to communicate with you on another communication platform. This may be due to the fact that on dating platforms there are ways to detect online fraud. To avoid run these mechanisms scammers trying to get your phone number or find your profile for messaging.

Remember, at the time of dating, you are already giving too much personal information to a person you practically do not know. If a new girl from a Ukrainian dating site immediately asks you to start chatting on another app or social network, be careful and better communicate this to the developers of the platform.

You cannot meet her

Another sign of online fraud is the inability to meet the other person. Whenever you try to schedule an appointment, there will be a new excuse for scammers. Whenever you try to schedule an appointment, there will be a new excuse for cheaters. A few cancellations are normal, but giving up every date should be a wake-up call for you to talk to your new girl about the real reasons for not wanting to leave the virtual space.

Asking money

After a while, the scammers may try to ask you for money. As a rule, they initially ask for a small amount to repair a car or buy medicine. But over time, they have steadily increased the amount needed, often inventing new stories, such as paying for their sick relative’s medical bills.

In Ukraine, about 300,000 new cyber-threats for information security are recorded daily. However, it is extremely difficult to find fraudsters. Companies only have to conduct minute-by-minute monitoring to detect cyber threats to block them further.

Secure way of verification of Ukrainian woman on dating websites

If you have doubts about your Internet girlfriend from a dating site, you can order a special service of verification of Ukrainian woman’s profiles on dating sites. We analyze all the info you got, compare facts, do the background search and give you the answer if it’s your real love or it’s a scam.