Tinder scam in Kiev

offline tinder scam in kiev

There’s a restaurant in Kiev called “Golden Lion”. It doesn’t look like the most expensive place in the Ukrainian capital, but you can easily spend there hundreds of dollars.

Con for money is what they do in this restaurant. Men come to this place not because they chose it, but because they are purposefully brought here by girls who work for the place. They are interest employees, but for the gentlemen they have a well-thought-out legend, so that the guys do not guess about their attitude to the “Golden Lion”.

All men think that they are going on a real date after dating online, in particular in Tinder. The place was also hunting its victims on Badoo, Mamba, Pure and few Telegram bots.

The girls who go on dates do not communicate with victims on dating sites. For this purpose, in the scheme exist special operators. Therefore, a bearded swindler may suit you under the girl’s avatar.

Scam scheme

The legend is always the same. The girl-avatar has a wealthy father, her own business, an expensive car with a driver. This is a good legend – a promising acquaintance.

All this show takes place in order to bring a man to the “Golden Lion” for half an hour. In order for the victim not to understand until the last minute what will happen next, a meeting in a fake restaurant is not scheduled. The blue Mercedes is driving all the girls on a pseudo-date.

As a rule, the girls themselves take the initiative and allegedly accidentally offer the “Golden Lion”. But the real fraudulent luck is when the initiative is not a girl, but her companion. Of course, he does not understand it’s not a coincidence.
The task of the place is not serving you food. The scheme does not assume that the couple will eat right there. After all, all the girls allegedly just wanted to take away some food.

This is where the scam takes place. The girl will have only a glass of champagne and your check has already 100-150 dollars. The task of the girl is drinking as much as possible while waiting for the ordered food.

Restaurant menu

The menu at the restaurant is tricky. Even if a guy thinks of studying the menu during a date, he won’t understand anything. There is a price, but it is not specified that it is for a glass.

This was not intended to make the guy aware of what was happening. The waiter can bring checks with the amounts to the girl, and the payment terminal – to the guy.

BTW, the bills are written by hand and the payment terminal is used after each glass.

Scam is always the same

A sudden reason to run away is the same for all the girls – her father needs her right nowr. The girls are different, the scheme is the same. There is such a phenomenon called consummation. This is when girls in restaurants make men to “order more expensive food and drinks”.

” The restaurant works only under the scheme. On other days you will not be able to go there. There is no own kitchen there, all food is bought in the supermarket.

The organizers of the fraud are Russians.They have a similar fake restaurants in Russia, Ukraine and Italy. The place constantly looks for scam girls on job sites, as well as people who will communicate on behalf of girls on dating services (Tinder). All their vacancies are veiled.

There are many more similar places in Kiev. The scheme of fraud is similar: meeting in Tinder, luring to a restaurant or café and a bill for hundreds of dollars. The victims of the scheme were mostly foreigners. If the victim refused to pay, he was taken to a closed room, humiliated and robed.

Another tip: if you go to an unfamiliar place, look at the reviews on the maps. If the place is not marked on the map, just enter the name and address in the search field. It’s really a few minutes that will keep your wallet and face intact.

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