Tatyana Vyergun. Scammer with style

tanya vyergun marina Bystriievska

She got style. You got to give her that. Tatyana Vyergun aka Tetiana Bystriievska aka Marina is a top scammer of our black list of Ukrainian and Russian scammers. So far we spoke with her victims from four (!) different countries.

In this article we publish clippings from her emails. It might help potential victims to track her via google search.

Folks, we’re starting:

It is Tanya (Tatyana is my official name) and as promised I am writing to you in private. I do not feel comfortable and safe to share my info on the dating site as you never know who is reading your messages. Moreover it is too difficult to trace who is serious and who is not. I prefer sharing my private info only in so-called “private atmosphere”. I am aware of so-called scammers who pretend being loving and caring people at the beginning and then just steal info or bank details. Some people use fake photos and pretend being better than they are. To avoid all possible suspicions I am ready to show that I am real and the photos are mine :). It is not that difficult as I have nothing to hide. Sorry for this serious beginning though I think it was important to be clear from the very beginning.

Maybe you remember from my profile that I am Ukrainian. Have you been to my country before? I never had the pleasure to travel though I would love to see many countries and explore this world ๐Ÿ™‚ It is my first experience to find the man in another country. I had two serious relationship in the past but they were with Ukrainians. Due to the fact that male’s values have changed here I decided to try to find a man from another country in the hope that he will be respectful, loyal, kind and supportive. I was betrayed by my ex and I do not want to experience disappointments one more time. I would love to create stable relationship with a decent man. I do not need a man with big money and I am not in search for a person who would provide me with luxurious life. The money is indeed important but it is not the value I want to build my relationship on. It is not my aim to sound too serious, but I am aware of the fact that the men are scared of being used by women, to be taken advantage of.. No worries, I do not need your money or something connected with material benefits. Hopefully the only thing that I will steal will be your heart (only if you allow me to do that) ๐Ÿ™‚

I got the requests on the site to send inappropriate videos and photos (nude). I do not know why the men are interested in such kind of photos from a certain person as the Internet is full of porno sitesโ€ฆ I was brought up to respect myself and have dignity and I do believe that a woman in nice elegant clothes can look much better and sexier than a naked one ๐Ÿ™‚ I am also not a real fan to share my private info (phone number, address) at once as I want to get to know the person I am talking to first. I am cautious in my search but at the same time I am ready to open up for a decent and serious man.

According to our meeting, I will meet you were ever you want, I will come, so please tell me where to go and I will go as soon as you have your passport and documents readyโ€ฆ Would you be able to travel to another country like Spain, or Italy, or Germany, or Poland, please tell me my dear, I will follow you where ever you want to go toโ€ฆ

my biggest dream is to feel the peace and harmony in my heart and to have the man who is able to protect me. For sure it does not mean that I will sit on the couch every day and do nothing. You will be surprised how active I can be. I like cleaning, I like cooking, I like creating wonderful and sweet atmosphere in the house. I just love the life and I want to share it with the sweetest man ever ๐Ÿ™‚

I would like to tell you that our meeting definitely has to take place. I know that due to the situation in my area I cannot invite you to the place where I am living. It is also dangerous to be in the war zone as it is the territory of real terror, chaos and iniquity. Accordingly it would be much better if we met on the neutral territory, somewhere in a safe and quiet place. I do not talk about luxurious resorts or something like that. I am talking about the place where we would feel comfortable, the place which we both can actually visit. Without the real meeting we will always consider each other the penpals and it is not what we really want and need. I just want us to plan everything thoroughly as in order me to be able to leave the war zone I will first need to apply and get a permit. Without this permit the people at the military block post will not let me go out.

Ow, I really like to be photographed. I think the photos are a wonderful things. They leave in our memory the brightest moments. Also it is so sweet to imagine the situation when we are already old and our grand children want to see how beautiful their granny and grandpa were in the past ๐Ÿ™‚ Haha, it seems to me that I am thinking about that too early ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you imagine that maybe one day we will have a “family portrait” with you. Sounds pretty romantic, don’t you agree?

Some people would call us crazy for trying to build relationship in the Internet, though I think that we are just two lonely hearts who are trying to find the best match, the best partner. It is so difficult to find the person with whom you would want to live your whole life. In this cruel world we are always afraid of being cheated on, of being betrayed. We are afraid of the emotional pain more than any physical pain. We create barriers, we do not allow ourselves to feel and sense the people anymore. Maybe I am silly and stupid woman, but I do want to trust my heart. I do want to love and to give my whole essence to the man I have chosen.

Everything that is happening in my world bothers me a lot and I am feeling very frustrated that my life does not go the way I planned. To live and to never know what will happen tomorrow is pretty scary especially when you live from one salary to another. My monthly salary is already delayed for 2 weeks and I do not know when my boss is going to pay for my working hours. It is sad and pretty painful as today I even did not have enough in my wallet to buy two liters of milk and bread. This reality of my life has hit me severely today and I realized that very often we are the prisoners of the situation and it is not so easy to leave this prison and become free and happy. I know one cruel thing.. I will not be able to pay for the services of the translation until my financial situation stabilizes. Please, do not think that I am trying to put the responsibility on your shoulders. I am just sharing with you my worries and my sadness. Pity that when you like the person, when you want to be involved with him, when you have already opened up so much you need to wait and hope that your circumstances will allow you to come back to him, will allow to hear from him again. Why is the life so unfair? the last thing I want is to lose you. I do hope and play that it will not happen. Please, I am sorry for some sadness in this letter.. I just wanted you to know everything that is happening in my small world.

Dear Sir, Let us introduce our Linguistic Center “GLOBUS”. We have been helping miss Tatyana (arilorti@gmail.com) with the translation services and translated your and her letters. Miss Marina has recently informed us that that due to some difficulties in her life she cannot fill her translation account and get your last letter translated. Sir, as soon as the balance of Miss Tatyana’s translation account is positive, we will continue providing you and her with our services.