Speed dating

Speed dating

Basically speed – dating are conducted on weekends. To participate you need to fill out a questionnaire. For a week before the event you will be called and invited to the acquaintance party of your age group. Dates scheduled meetings listed in the calendar on the main page of the site.

After making an advance payment (pre-payment conditions listed below) for your fixed place at a party.

Invited equal number of men and women.

For the evening choose acquaintance cozy places with a convenient location.

Rules for participation in the Express – dating “Speed ​​dating”

  1. All members of such parties come to the meeting at the restaurant at a certain time (to each participant who has made an advance payment, comes SMS with the name of the restaurant, address, date and time of the meeting).
  2. The number of members of each party of acquaintances is limited, the number of people equal to the opposite sex (10-15 pairs).
  3. Each participant of speed dating host and produces a nominal badge sympathy card and embeds pairs of tables.
  4. Girls and boys are seated at a table in pairs. At one table sits only 1 woman and 1 man.
  5. All participants are offered a choice of drink (tea / coffee / juice / water) to make the conversation more comfortable.
  6. Communication with each candidate the participants allocated to 7 minutes.
  7. After the 7-minute communication on a signal leading transplanted guys for the next table, the girls still remain in their places.
  8. After each conversation, speed dating participants take notes of the impressions of the dating questionnaire issued to them.
  9. You can mark several interlocutors, which you liked.
  10. At the end of interviews tete-a-tete, all participants are invited to a buffet table, where you can continue to communicate in a more informal setting for a glass of champagne (juice).
  11. After the buffet all together play “Mafia”, a psychologically-detective game, which is based on dialogue, to enable participants to better know each other. If you are playing for the first time – no problem! Leading first rule says and leads the game. Your task – to get to know the other participants.
  12. At the end of the evening, all profiles with marks pass to organizers.
  13. The following day, each participant receives sms with the names and phone numbers of those people with whom they had a match.

What should you wear to speed date party?

The style of your clothes you choose by yourself. Depending on your preference, it can be a classic or casual. The main thing that you should look neat. We do not have strict restrictions on the dress code, but sportswear is not highly desirable.

Can I be late for speed dating?

If you register on the site of speed date and confirmed their participation, the organizers are counting on you and pick up an equal number of men and women. Late for half an hour, you risk not only deprive yourself of 3-5 new acquaintances, but leave one of the participants in the fast meeting bored! Therefore, try not to be late for the speed date.

The event includes a drink of your choice (tea, coffee, water, except alcohol) and a mini-buffet at the end of a meeting with champagne. After refreshments all play “Mafia” (during the holidays, discos are held).

The price of participation is about three hundred UAH.

After joining the party of your age group, you should make an advance payment about 150 USD, an advance payment may be made on the site (hyperlink to the payment), and only then after you fix place. The rest of the cost you pay is already at the place in person.

Why make a prepayment?

Prepayments is a confirmation of your participation in the evening. As a guarantee of presence and other participants at the event, as an advance payment made by all those who joined the party.

Prepayment is returned?

To participate in the party to move to another more convenient date for you while preserving the prepayment should be reported to the administrator until Friday evening. If you are reporting later, than you can attend no refund for the speed date.


If you invite your friend / girlfriend to us – we offer you a discount of 50 UAH, but the Friends have to warn in advance when to record, because they also need to make a prepayment.


You agree not to disclose the information that you get from us and / or our customers, advertisers and suppliers. All customer information is confidential and shall not be disclosed, except in the case of the contact information and the names of the participants in the case of mutual attraction based on the results of the evening express acquaintance. We undertake not to reproduce, distribute, sell or use for commercial purposes any confidential information in any form.

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