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For those who want to find a love mate, but does not like to get acquainted in the street, in the bar or in the library, the Internet came up – dating. For those who do not have time and correspondence on the Internet, invented speed date site.

Not surprisingly, this method of dating was invented just in the United States of America – lovers of fast – food still in the nineties noticed a tendency to accelerate common life rhythm. “Cooking Breakfast for 3 minutes”, “Lose Weight in 3 days” … the list goes on and on. Modern men and women that are configured on career growth, there is absolutely no time to look for a mate.

But the desire to find a soul mate is not going away, so that the method of speed date site in the United States and then around the world, has gained immense popularity.

After some observations, we tried to understand the advantages and disadvantages of “fast” acquaintances.

Advantages of speed date site

– Parties speed-dating, as a rule, take place in cafes and restaurants, the organizers are trying to create an atmosphere that would be comfortable and possessed people to communicate, so they do not feel constrained.

– Organizers pre-shared everyone into age groups, so that at a party you never to encounter with men much younger or much older than you.

– Usually, ten women and ten men participated in such parties. All the women are sitting at the tables, and each man has seven minutes to talk with you, then they change their seat behind the next table. You note in the cards, who among the participants did you like, and if it is a one, the next day the organizers have exchanged your contacts with SMS messages or emails to an email. This is a sure way to avoid unnecessary embarrassment immediately. You’re going to call him whom you exactly liked and who liked you.

– As a rule, on the speed dating parties come men who are really tuned to a serious relationship. Frivolous womanizer obviously will not waste your time on this kind of event, it is much easier to “catch” the girl in a nightclub or on a dating site.

– You do not need to waste time, as in the case with the Internet – acquaintances. After all, there is no need to create a beautiful profile, and then browse for hours about the files of men in search of a nice specimen. And then spend a huge amount of time working on the kind of correspondence about the weather and pets. In the case of speed dating, you only need to apply for participation in the party and organizers will call you.

– Some companies-organizers of the speed dating parties are trying to diversify concise format. There are professional presenters, they hold competitions and quizzes, are invited to sing karaoke and otherwise entertain the audience, and often play “Mafia”, as this kind of play helps get to know each – other.

Disadvantages of speeding dating

– The very process of dating in seven minutes resembles a conveyor, and then it’s not too romantic.

– Such acquaintance solve just a matter of men search, then you will still need to spend time with him, motivate and maintain communication. So, one way or another, will have to somehow wedge love in your work schedule.

– Keep in mind that speeding dating organizers are not responsible for will you find a pair at their party or not. Yes, and most worthy you will not meet your man at the first party, because it is likely that there you can attend it a few times or if you are very persistent, then as long as meet the one you need.

Where was conducted speeding dating?

In Kiev, there is already a huge number of companies that are organizing speed dating parties. All of them, of course, are represented in the Internet. The price of issue from one hundred to two hundred fifty hryvnas for one party. The price includes participation plus soft drinks (coffee, tea, juices), the rest is paid separately by check places.

Helpful hints

– Do not go hungry at a party, because at least seventy minutes, until the last communication with the participants to eat is not accepted.

– Put on your most comfortable clothes for yourself, so that you look natural. Do not choose an evening option and remember that during the meeting you will sit. So to emphasize the top – tint blouses or sweaters should emphasize your face, but not distracting. For the same reason it is better to avoid the deep cleavage.

Remember that everyone who wants to look better than it actually is, so do not idealize the men who will be involved in speeding dating. Listen to your heart and simultaneously analyze seen and heard. We wish you to successfully find your soul mate and meet interesting people to further communication.

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